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My name is Liz Boyd, I am the one on the left. I proud to tell you that I am the author of this site and a qualified aromatherapist for nearly twenty years now.

Next to me is my much taller and slimmer Mom, Jill Cook, owner of her aromatherapy business, The Apothecary since 1987.

This website is our gift to you.

It's our little box of treasures and secrets of the most successful ways ways that we have found for making people better over these many years.

I am going to show you an amazing array of natural products that will make such dramatic differences to your health and to demonstrate to you the simplest and best ways to apply them to your own life.

Thanks to the magic of the internet I can now easily tell you which oils can help many different problems, that's something that we used to teach in the professional qualification in our Aromatherapy School.

At the click of a button you can now take advantage of the most incredible opportunity to learn these secrets from two very qualified therapists. Between us, Mom and I have over 50 years experience in using natural remedies to heal many, many conditions.

We have an amazing amount of essential oils knowledge to give you and our essential oils database grow days to day. Oils profiles are so detailed this is more like an essential oils university...really in depth information, because I know that if you ever decide to spend money on a bottle of oil you are going to want to know every possible thing that you can use it for!

But that's where I think we leave every other aromatherapy website way behind us because...

Not only will we give you this valuable essential oil information but also many other complementary medicine secrets to help you to heal yourself and your family.

I'll show you the advantages of aromatherapy over other treatments available and let you know about other alternatives that may help you better. After all aromatherapy benefits many people, but like any treatments it doesn't suit everyone so I shall tell you what dangers to keep your eyes open for and ways to ensure that you only enjoy the very best aromatherapy benefits.

If you are looking for a safe, gentle and proven alternative to allopathic (that is the doctors!) medicine- look no further! You have found the right aromatherapy website to help you

Not only can you either visit pages about essential oils at your leisure to read the most in depth insights of their uses and history - but I would also urge you to sign up to our newsletter where we add many more oils all of the time. Click to subscribe and also get your free essential oils use chart.

It will be a massive help to gaining an understanding of how essential oils work and you can collate from any other aromatherapy website too, so it makes a great way to pull all of your reserach together.

But, I will be the first to admit that there is more to making someone better than just using essential oils, which is why we wanted our particular aromatherapy website to tell you so many other things too.

So, I show you

  • Which foods give you that extra boost and show you the ones that scientists and practitioners have proved make your condition worse.

  • The vitamins and minerals deficiencies that cause your symptoms and the best ways to introduce these alongside any other natural products that will help to rapidly reduce your symptoms.

  • How your emotions and stress affect your everyday well being.

  • The connection between the positions of the vertebrae in your back and the pains and discomfort you are feeling...even in the most unlikely of conditions- it can even have an effect on acne!

  • Explore all the wondrous ways that aromatherapy can dramatically improve your life from improving mobility in your joints and reducing aches and pains to natural skin care.

And please! Pay a visit to our shop and have a browse around the fantastic offers we have on really exclusive toiletries, aromatherapy perfume and of course our medicinal ranges too. After all, you can have real confidence in products that our customers have been re-ordering over and over for nearly 25 years!

We think that ultimate vitality is everyone's right- it's my job, whilst I am working on this aromatherapy website, to show you how just how easy it is to obtain it.

After all, you deserve it - don't you?.

Best of all...

We show you why these natural products are some of the most effective home remedies available.

One things for sure....

You won't want to just live with these nuisance problems another day longer.....

sitemap for Visit for aromatherapy information and advice.
aromatherapy for depression
Comprehensive emotions list of essential oils and how to use aromatherapy for depression. Visit for all your aromatherapy advice.
essential oils database
Contents of the essential oils database
Essential oil use chart
Whether you are an interested amateur or professional therapist you will love our essential oil use chart. Subscribe to our free newsletter to get your free aromatherapy chart now.
Essential Oil Benefits And How To Use Them Effectively.
How to use essential oil benefits to treat everyday complaints.
The side effects
If you are worried about the side effects of your current treatments, we explain why essential oil therapy could be a more reassuring alternative.
home remedies eczema
Easy to use home remedies eczema treatments. Aromatherapy creams and lotions, natural products made from essential oils. The best place to start if you are considering curing eczema naturally.
Psoriasis causes
psoriasis causes so much anxiety to so many people. Hear about the success that THe Apothecary have had in treating this upsetting condition with aromatherapy.
what causes migraine
Many different ideas on analysing the symptoms of migraine to find out what causes migraine. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
Suffering from migraine can sometimes feel like a life sentence. Learn what is causing your headaches and what you can do to prevent them in the future.
migraine food triggers
Understanding what is causing your migraine is perhaps the biggest step you ever take to getting rid of them. Investigate the problem food triggers and how to stop your headache dead in its tracks.
hay fever
Don't let hay fever spoil your summer, enjoy being outside, concentrate on your exams and beat that pollen using aromatherapy.
aching bone
If an aching bone is macking you flinch in agony or your body aches all over or even aching leg syndrome - visit for all your essential oil answers.
Suffering from sinus pain is enough to spoil your day.What with the headache, congestion and struggling to breathe, it's dreadful. Here's how our aromatherapy treatment can help you.
causes of tendonitis
We investigate the causes of tendonitis and discover how essential oils can ease painful tendons and reduce inflammation. Visit for all your aromatherapy advice.
Joint pain and inflammation treated by natural products
Guidance on how to treat Joint pain, painful swelling and inflammation with natural products.
Essential oil therapy for joint pain.
Advice on how to use essential oil therapy to reduce your joint pain and inflammation.
Aromatherapy stress reduction - blended formulae to help alleviate the effects
Attention stressed out people! Aromatherapy stress reduction. Visit the aromatherapy website for aromatherapy advice.
liver damage symptoms - the effects of long term stress on the liver.
Liver damage symptoms such as migraine often show themselves after long term stress. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
Adrenal fatigue symptoms - The root of healing
Addressing adrenal fatigue symptoms are an important part of regaining really fantastic health. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
conscious relaxation
conscious relaxation plays a vital part in mind, body, spirit health. We look at other emotional and spiritual factors that may be having a bearing on your wellness.
Chakra colors
Chakra colors and a detailed chakra colour chart showing chakra locations and essential oils for aligning chakras. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
Facial massage
Learn how to use facial massage to look younger, feel more relaxed and breathe more easily. A guide on how to use accupressure points, massage and lymphatic drainage for skincare and health.
Aura color meaning
How to read auras and understand each aura color meaning. Explanation of the aura definition. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
chakra colour chart
Detailed chakra colour chart showing each chakra spinning, The blue chakra- throat chakra. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
Acupressure point locations
Acupressure point locations play a vital part in ensuring that our bodies work in the best way that they can. Visit for aromatherapy advice
Vitamins and minerals.
Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals can cause many health problems. Advice on regaining the balance and healing your body.
Proactive skin care - stopping nature in its tracks.
Take control of your complexion with an aromatherapy skin care product. Proactive skin care for those who care about their looks. Visit for aromaatherapy advice.
Aromatherapy products shop door
Doorway to a wonderland of aromatherapy products made by The Apothecary.
Keep updated on new aromatherapy products news and special offers.
The Apothecary manufactures aromatherapy natural products for skincare, perfume and medicinal treatments. Hear about new products and special offers.
free perfume samples
Claim your free perfume samples from The Apothecary. Gorgeous bespoke aromatherapy perfumes.
Aromatherapy perfume from the apothecary
A glittering collection of aromatherapy perfume from the independant design house of the apothecary. Sumptuous blends of fougeres and chypres fragrances sit alongside magnificent single note perfumes
Aromatherapy products history
The Apothecary is one of Britains first and most successful aromatherapy businesses. Jill Cook looks back over 21 years or treating patients with her aromatherapy products.
aromatherapy perfume single notes
Sublime single note aromatherapy perfume made with the worlds most exotic and beautiful flowers.
Mens colognes
mens colognes handcrafted with the finest ingredients from the Apothecary.
skin care ingredient and exclusives range
Let us show you the right skin care ingredient to make your skin glow, for natural acne cures to treatment for roseacea visit for aromatherapy advice.
Beatiful talc made to match the gorgeous toiletries range from The Apothecary
Aromatherapy bath oil
Delight in a bath filled with you favourite aromatherapy bath oil, designed to match the beautiful single note perfumes from The Apothecary.Visit for aromatherapy
Aromatherapy products set
Treat someone very special with this set of handmade aromatherapy products from The Apothecary
skincare for mature skin
This incredible free formula takes skincare for mature skin will give you more than just the moisture that you need, it will nourish, smoothe and bring back a bit of that youthful glow.
repair broken capillaries
Order your free formula to repair broken capillaries now. This aromatherapy blend is gentle, fast and effective.
If you want rid of yours whiteheads effectively then you have struck gold finding this free aromatherapy formula.
Nothing spoils the look of your skin more than a few blackheads. Discover how you can get your free blackheads aromatherapy formula and kiss goodbye to dirty looking skin.
open pores
Closing open pores is a large step to beautiful skin. Get your aromatherapy formula completely free..
smokers skin
A smokers skin will give your age away and even add many more years on! Beat the effects of smoking on your skin with your free aromatherapy formula
hydrates dry skin
When nature starts to take her toll, you don't simply need a moisturiser that hydrates dry need something as breathtakingly revolutionary as this formula...Get yours FREE!
prescription skin creams
Prescription skin creams are the fastest way to flawless skin. Have your own aromatherapy skin care product designed for you. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
facial swelling
Facial Swelling, even just a little bit, could make you look like you have put on pounds, get your free aromatherapy formula from The Apothecary.
cold sores
When the healing time for cold sores can be anything up to 10 days, sure you need to do everything in your power to avoid them! Claim for free aromatherapy formula now.
Oily T Zone and Combination skins
Essential oils make the very best treatment for an oily t zone - claim your free formula now.
reduce oily skin
Usw this free aromatherapy formula to reduce oily skin and enjoy a beautiful clear complexion.
natural cures for rosacea
If you are looking for natural cures for rosacea, would it help if we gave you a free aromatherapy formula to reduce for redness and cool your soreness?
A free aromatherapy formula for hyperallergenic skins. Tailormade individual skincare for very sensitive complexions.
worlds largest zit
Never ever be googling worlds largest zit again...Stop them with youtr free aromatherapy formula- Today!
lavender oil
how to use lavender oil for medicinal and beauty uses in aromatherapy.
uses for chamomile
Uses for chamomile oil for medicinal and beauty treatments in aromatherapy.
natural remedies for dry skin
Of all the natural remedies for dry skin rose oil has to be the most precious. Part of the prescriptive skicare rnage from The Apothecary.
Moisturizer for sensitive skin
Design your own moisturizer for sensitive skin with the Exclusives prescriptive skincare range from The Apothecary.
violet essential oil
Properties and uses of violet essential oil for medicinal and beauty uses for aromatherapy.
best moisturizer for oily skin
Blend your free aromatherapy formulae into the best moisturizer for oily skin and create your very own skin delight with prescriptive skincare from The Apothecary.
Acne products for sensitive skin
Acne products for sensitive skin that not only reduce the amount of spots and kill the underlying infection but rduce the risk of scarring too.
jasmine officinale
Properties and uses of the divine jasmine officinale for both medicinal and skincare in aromatherapy
treatment cream for rosacea
Create your own prescriptive skincare range by adding your free aromatherapy formule to your treatment cream for rosacea.
menopause dry skin
When most women hit menopause dry skin becomes a really upsetting side effect. Help is at hand from arometherapy, with our prescriptives skincare range fro mature skin.
prescriptive moisturizer
Years of smoking will inevitably leave you with dehydrated and stained, course skin. Design your prescriptive moisturizer around your own needs and regain that healthy glow.
ultimate vitality
If your skin is showing the long term effects of illness, restore your complexion to its ultimate vitality with prescriptive skincare fro The Apothecary.
myrtle oil
Myrtle oil has been used as a natural bronchitis treatment for nearly two million years, this beautiful oil could signal the end of your lung pain.
Uses of how to use myrtle essential oil. Have your say!
agarwood essential oil
Agarwood essential oil or Oudh oil has been prized since time immemorial, known as one of the world only aphrodisics that work.Visit for all your aromatherapy.
eczema moisturizer,
Marigold Balm is a the best eczema moisturizer from The Apothecary, for weeping eczema, eczema in children and to use as a facial eczema treatment
eczema blister
The sore crazy paving effects of eczema craquele, and the soreness of eczema blister conditions are helped with Aloe Vera and Calendula Ointment
Calendula for skin
There is no other oil quite like calendula for skin that is damaged. here we investigate how to use calendula and we find out why doctors are raving about its properties for atopic dermatitis.
Face Wrinkles Cream - Skin Refining Cream
A face wrinkles cream full of aromatherapy goodness, don't worry about forehead wrinkles, say goodbye to mouth wrinkles. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
clothing for eczema
Links to companies selling clothing for eczema nd notes about how best to use our products to treat eczema in children
knights templar treasure
Could this long lost mens aftershave balm hold the scret to knights templar treasure and mysteries? Hear the fascinating story of the Montgreenan Mens after shave.
link exchange
If you would like to link with my link exchange now.
symptoms of tendonitis
Tracing the symptoms of tendonitis to understand its pathology and how essential oils can help bring tendonitis relief. Visit for all your aromatherapy advice.
free beauty samples and member area
Member area to claim your free beauty smples when you spend £50 or more on our discounted products.
aromatherapy products contact us
Feel free to call The Apothecary if you need extra help to decide what aromatherapy products will suit you best.
aromatherapy for depression too
If you can't find what you are loonking for on our emotion chart page, here is the way to request more information about using aromatherapy for depression. Visit
rose oil uses
One of the most important rose oil uses is as an natural depression treatment. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
rose essential oil
Rose essential oil is the most powerful interface between depression and women, a healing plant that is not just a female aphrodisiac. Visit for aromatherapy.
domestic violence poems
I was lucky enough to know about rose oil uses, it helped me to walk away from ptsd and domestic violence, my memories are in these domestic violence poems. Visit
rose petal oil
Rose petal oil or as it is otherwise known, rose oil plays a vital part in our prescription skin creams. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
rose attar
Rose otto essential oil, delicious rose attar or even just a lovely rose perfume, we find out why the world loves rose essential oil.Visit for aromatherapy advice
Cuticle cream made of rose oil. An aromatherapy natural product.
A good cuticle massage cream is essential to having strong healthy nails. Our Rose Cuticle Cream is perfect, find out why. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
Best Hand Cream - Marigold and Myrrh Hand Cream, a heavy duty hand cream.
Marigold and Myrrh Hand Cream, the best hand cream for damaged hands, Visit for aromatherapy advice.
Best hand creams : Aromatherapy skin care product made from rose essential oil.
Best hand creams made from Rose Essential oil. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
Best face cleanser cleans deep down to the core of your skin.
A gorgeous natural face cleanser, the blend of Orange Blossom and Carrot make the best face cleanser you can buy. Find out why. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
chakra definition
chakra definition
Aligning your chakras - how to, why do it and what are the possible dangers.
Aligning your chakras can make huge improvements to your health, What dangers to look for when aligning chakras. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
Aligning chakras and the effect on the solar plexus chakra - chakra 3
Exploring how aligning chakras using essential oils can affect the solar plexus chakra, chakra 4. Visit for all your aromatherapy advice.
chakra diagram of the third eye chakra
Chakra diagram to support information about the pineal chakra or third eye. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
Purple chakra - crown chakra
The purple chakra, the beautiful violet crown chakra and its effects on our health. Visit www, for aromatherapy advice.
Sex chakra - also known as the sacral chakra.
Sacral Chakra is often refered to as the sex chakra. How can aligning chakras make a difference to how we feel? Visit for aromatherapy advice.
Red chakra, Chakra one or Base Chakra.
Chakra one of the red chakra iis vital to our sense of who we are on earth, The inportantce of this chakra spinning properly. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
Chakra singing bowls
Beautiful videos of chakra singing bowls, an amazing resource for healing chakras, aligning chakras and banacing and opening chakras. Visit for aromatherapy.
Domestic Violence Chat Board
Domestic Violence Chat area for people who offer support to sufferers of domestic violence to post their details. Submit URL. for aromatherapy advice.
Chakra Balancer Massage Oil.
Using a chakra balancer to align chakrs is vital to achieve optimal health. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
Rosacea natural remedy - Inflamed Skin Formula
If you are looking for rosacea natural remedy, would it help if we gave you a free aromatherapy formula to reduce for redness and cool your soreness?
rosacea treatment cream
Create your own prescription skin cream range by adding your free aromatherapy formule to your rosacea treatment cream . Visit for aromatherapy advice.
galbanum oil
galbanum oil
tuberose essential oil
Tuberose essential oil or more accurately termed Tuberose absolute and it's many uses including impotence and frigidity, Visit for aromatherapy advice.
Aura patch and how it can affect the way you heal.
Aura cleansing and healing any aura patch can often make a huge difference in the effectiveness of their healing. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
red aura
red aura
yellow aura
yellow aura
orange aura
orange aura
violet aura
violet aura
aura definition
aura definition
Aura seeing
Aura seeing can be learned on many levels. How to read auras and what seeing auras can tell you. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
Pink Aura - Aura Color meaning
Of all the colors of the aura, a pink aura signifies the most sympathic of souls. Aura Ccolor meaning. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
Blue aura - aura color meaning
How to interpret the blue aura color meaning, Visit www.aromatherapy-natural-products,com for aromatherapy and aura meaning advice
Green aura color meaning
Green aura color meaning, interpretations and insights into the green aura. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
Liver healing - Liver detoxification a holistic approach
Liver healing starts with a liver detox. Essential oils for liver detoxification. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
Adrenal Cortex Gland Description | Functions of Cortex and Medulla
Adrenal cortex gland hormones, and the functions of the adrenal gland. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
Adrenal gland symptoms - The root of healing
Adrenal gland symptoms | The relationship between the adrenal glands and stress. Visit for aromatherapy advice.
Natural Adrenal Support | Use essential oils as a natural fatigue treatment.
Adrenal fatigue treatment with essential oils, learn natural adrenal support at, your aromatherapy website.
christmas special offers
reduced rate christmas special offers on aromatherapy products and aromatherapy perfume.
Discount toiletries and christmas stocking stuffers
The best christmas gifts are always going to be ones that you know theylove. Our discount toiletries make the very best christmas stocking stuffers! Visit our aromatherapy website christmas store
pleurisy symptoms,
A first hand account of how pleurisy symptoms feel and how you can help to reduce them Visit for aromatherapy advice.
Clexane - my experiences.
Tips and techniques on getting through using clexane (enoxoparin) and my experience of using pulmonary embolism treatments.
Oregano oil benefits
Hailed as the new supermedicine, discover which oregano oil benefits can help you. Visit the aromatherapy website for all you aromatherapy avice.
pulmonary embolism causes
What are pulmonary embolism causes? How can you relieve pulmonary embolism symptoms, visit, the aromatherapy website.
producy sundae dishes
damiana essential oil
Damiana essential oil is an easily accessible and simple to use natural male aphrodisiac & cure for reduced libido in both men & women. Aromatherapy
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