Why Is Rose Essential Oil
More Than Just
The Worlds Most Potent
Female Aphrodisiac?

By now many of you will realise that I more than love Rose Essential oil. In fact I adore everything about Roses. For most aromatherapists lavender is the universal panacea, in many way I think that rose essential oil is a stronger more efficacious oil.

For emotional healing,

for skin care and for gynecological treatment there is no other oil that comes close.

It is an oil that we use extensively at The Apothecary, we use it in many of our creams and have even made two exquisite perfumes from it.

It's such a precious oil, apart from the fact that rose essential oil is almost prohibitively expensive, history is testimonial for the hundreds of years of use it has had.

I don't feel it is necessary in this case to write loads and loads about the historic symbolism of the rose because really it is an ingrained part of our consciousness.

I think it is interesting to look at how it is depicted in early christianity though. A symbol of paganism, of orgies and salacious lust, In AD202 one of the foremost christian authors wrote a huge work outlawing roses and forbidding them to grow them or have them in their houses.

Over the years it became clear that to strengthen the attractiveness of the church, they would have absorb some of the pagan doctrine and gradually roses became part of their theology. It is not uncommon in hymns and oratorios for the Virgin Mary to be refered to "Rosa Mystica" or "the Rose without thorns".

Definitely sexual undertones there I think.

In fact probably the only thing that saved roses from being wiped out was the fact that monastries had to have just one rose plant so the chosen scholar could study the medicinal properties of the plant.

Even back in the third century then, roses meant sex. It already had such a powerful reputation as an aphrodisiac that it was deemed ungodly. Imagine...they completely tried to outlaw the plant.

But why is it so ....well sexy?

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I think its a complex answer really because it doesn't just come down to one thing. Its an elixir that works on many levels.

I have to say that most of what I write here is aimed at women, but although predominately a womans oil rose essential oil is reputed to be able to raise sperm levels too.

Well I think the key to finding aphrodisiacs that work is to understand exactly what they are doing to our bodies.

Firstly rose essential oil a uterine tonic. That means that as well as toning and revitalising the womb it powers it with huge amounts of energy. I suppose in 21st century speak we would say it gives it a thorough work out, tightening slack muscle tone and cleaning the surface of the womb making it an entirely more vital and fertile place.

It also has a very tonic effect on the ovaries, so it goes without saying that the hormone levels of oestrogen and progesterone are affected but that also has a knock on effect for menstruation too. The levels of lutenising hormone are raised and expelled from the pituitary in response to the raised levels of oestrogen encouraging more regular periods too.

Using the rose essential oil as a way to stimulate oestrogen also has other effects too. Remember oestrogen in puberty is what governs our secondary sex characteristics, those voluptuous curves of our hips and breasts. It stregnthens bones, it's what hardens your nipples in readiness for suckling your young and plumps up thick lustrous hair.

Not only that but oestrogens increases vaginal lubrication and also thickens the vaginal wall.

In short raise the oestrogen and turn up the wanton heat...it's getting moist in here!

Each and every one of us has seen the effects that a fertile female has on a male and human activity is no exception.

Suffice it to say...if you are giving out signals and you are flushed with breathless sexuality...

Man, it feels good!

Rose essential oil plays gorgeous tricks on your mind too.

Truthfully I am not sure what it is about it, but it just makes you feel beautiful.

I mean really beautiful too.

Not just desirable, because to me desirable implies something outwardly attractive to others, but I say beautiful because you feel like you can sense your beauty within too.

Somehow you radiate this warm glow that makes you feel like purring almost.

It creates a place where you can start liking yourself again.

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I think this is key here too because sensuality is all about how you see yourself really isn't it. Rose essential oil is not just a female aphrodisaic either, it is a recommended oil for both frigidity and impotence and I think that is genuinely down to

a)it way it energises the organs but mainly

b) the way it pushes anxiety into the background, putting this feeling of loving yourself squarely back in the foreground.

Link this to the way that rose oil is a natural treatment for depression and it's obvious that this is the very best interface between depression and women.

It's not as magic as it seems because rose essential oil works the same ways as any oil that you absorb the oils but also you smell them. The molecules rush up the sinuses and straight to the brain, sending messages and impulses relating to a whole life of memories. Memories of summer days and romantic moments, a whole host of happy recollections.

But I don't want to think of rose essential oil and think romance because it is a really powerful medicine, and deserves to have a reputation as such.

Lets go back to the womb for a moment.

The toning effects of the rose essential oil are said to even be strong enough to be able to treat a mild prolapsed womb, and certainly it would be the oil that I would start if I was treating someone that had suffered miscarriages too. the cleansing and toning effects of the rose on the womb could really help to make it stronger for future preganancies.

Just as important are it's uses post natally. Again it will tone and tighten the uterus, helping it to return to its correct size but it will also help it to expel any debris that may have been left behind after the birth too.

After I had every one of my babies, but particularly after having such a dreadful pregnancy with Dex, I found it invaluable in supporting me in those first few weeks.

It helped the stabilise my rushing hormones that were causing me to burst into tears whenever anyone so much as looked at me. Luckily for me my tears were just baby blues and by the time a week had past, so had the sobbing. Many women are not that lucky and those tears can take them on a steep decline into post natal depression, without question rose essential oil is the strongest medicine here.

I used the rose oil in a blend with marigold oil for my engorged breasts when my milk came in for Aimée too. Although the marigold was the primary oil here I think that rose softened and cooled the massive bowling balls that were so incredibly painful.

My periods came back quickly and regularly too, and pretty much pain free...although I refuse to list periods as a positive of any sort to be honest!

What was positive though was the that the rose essential oil had on my skin.