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Apparently they now say that stress is our new biological clock. Could aromatherapy stress reduction techniques lengthen our life then, I wonder?

It's a question that I really don't have an answer to, but if you have got time to think about how our emotions affect our organs, (have a look at the aura and chakras) I think you may draw some interesting conclusions about that.

Certainly the effect that the stress has on the adrenals and by extension the liver, it's interesting to see just how damaging the effects can be.

This complex set of aromatherapy stress reduction formulae allow you to have not only feel the soothing properties of the essential oils but you will also cleanse the body of the various toxicities that are both cause and effects of the stress.

Simply select the formulae that apply to the problems and issues that relate to your own situation and we will blend them into your own personal aromatherapy stress reduction treatment.

This is really in-depth stress relief.

Even the carRier oil that we blend into uses the most effective oils for you.

Stress Massage Oil - A blend of Borage to relieve mental anxiety, St. John's Wort for muscular tension (optional), Evening Primrose for hormonal balance and relationships and Calendula for rejuvenation.


Twenty-first century living offers an entirely new set of challenges to the body. Toxicity in the body, affects the entire body, but in particular the liver, causing the body to really struggle with the effects of stress, but healing itself generally.

Formula A

Office Stress
Too many VDU's and flourescent lights can bombard the atmosphere with positive ions. A large part of the problems that a stressed out employee suffers can be helped by tackling the effects of these ions.
A blend of 8 oils including Cypress and Cedarwood.

Formula B

Driving Stress
In the car, on motorways and city traffic jams can cause the inhalation of many petro-chemicals.
A blend of 11 oils including Tarragon and Lemon Verbena

Formula C

Urban Living Stress
Industrialisation means pollution and chemical waste which can be absorbed into our bodies.
A blend of 8 oils including Benzoin and Lime.


Many problems can result from the strain put on love and marriage in this fast living age. In this section pick the one that applies to yourself...e.g. If you are female, then the aromatherapy stress formula that would be the most effective for you to choose would be formula E.

Formula D

Jasmin and Galbanum

Formula E


Chamomile and Ylang Ylang.

Work and Finance For The Stressed Out Employee.

Formula F

Gentle yet very effective support for stressed out students.Help the exam nerves and clear the perceptions and memory.
A blend of 5 oils including Parsley Leaf and Rosewood.

Formula G

Spiritual Pathways
For those who are confused in this way.
A blend of 5 oils including Angelica and Cumin.

Formula H

Stressed out people who suffer the rigours of lifes pressures for a long period of time, will eventually find that exhaustion sets in.
A blend of 13 oils inc. Clary Sage and Tangerine.

Formula I

Career minded
Keep on the right path with confidence and drive.
A blend of 5 oils including Calendula and Bay.

Formula J

With complex issues and responsibility to handle.
Help the exam nerves and clear the perceptions and memory.
A blend of 4 oils including Lavender and Lemongrass.

Formula K

Difficult Work And Long Hours
Help the exam nerves and clear the perceptions and memory.
A blend of 12 oils including Mandarin and Ginger.

Formula L
Boring Occupations And Jobs Not Liked
Help the exam nerves and clear the perceptions and memory.
A blend of 4 oils including Palmarosa And Thyme.

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