Choose The Right Essential Oil
To Ease Your Joint Pain
And Start To Enjoy Life Again!

Which essential oil will do the best job?

Well, first we need to look at what causes joint pain.

Your joint pain is caused by a build up of uric acid. To be honest this can happen for any number reasons.

Uric acid is a waste product that is left between the fibres of your muscles causing stiffness. Usually your body can flush it away quite easily, but if you use your muscles more than usual your body can't keep up with the uric acid production and leaves residue behind.

This residue forms tiny crystals, which grind against the smooth fibres in your muscles which can be excruciatingly painful. This is the root cause of your swelling.

A build up of Uric acid in the joint can at its very worst cause a most painful and disfiguring condition called GOUTY TOPHI

(the singular being Tophus - the Latin word for a volcanic stone.)

Gouty Tophi

Juniper is the key essential oil in your treatment.

In this kind of condition it truly has magical properties. Once it's absorbed through your skin, the juniper oil actually breaks down the acid crystals and cleans the muscles and joints of any residue.

More than that,

because it is also diuretic, it flushes it right out of your system. It stops the cause of your pain right in its tracks.

This delicious pine fragranced essential oil is indispensible in your fight against your joint pain.

Longer term, the juniper continues to cleanse your muscle fibres and alleviate the root cause of your stiffness. Eventually you see that not only is the swelling disappearing, but also clawlike fingers and joints may even start to soften and unfurl.

Just wait untill you have experienced the results....
Genuinely, it will amaze you.

More immediately though, I expect that you want to know how to get some relief from the the soreness of the joint pain.

Lavender oil is nature's most powerful analgesic.

Better still, it has antinflammatory qualities of it's own. So not only do you have the sorcery of the juniper but the lavender oil is also treating the swelling along side it.

Just as important in your consideration though is how the lavender oil calms the stress resulting from enduring these painful symptoms for so long.

It relaxes you.

Genuinely slows you and makes you calmer.

For me there just is something bewitching about it. It's just something about it's scent that transports me to the lavender fields in Provence and I just can't help languishing in the warm, dry, summer breeze and their slower pace of life.

Just for a few moments.

But the relaxation effects certainly are physical. The lavender oil will calm you right down and research shows that in some cases, can actually lower blood pressure.

Ok, so you now know the main oils, but what others could you use?

I would also recommend camomile which is probably my favorite essential oil. It tends to be used less than lavender oil, but has the same analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities. It will still reduce your stiffness and ease your joint pain but to a lesser degree. You will have more success using it to strengthen the effects of the juniper oil and lavender oil rather than using it on it's own.

It's luscious fresh apple-y fragrance would lend an enchanting new dimension if you were to use it in a blend for your joint pain.

If you have tendonitis, or indeed anything that has ligament or tendon damage, then you should use frankincense essential oil in your mix. In fact you would use this essential oil in any case where you need to regain some elasticity in the tissues.

It's an oil that can really help you to build strength and suppleness. It really cuts through all the stiffness in the joints and muscles.

Incidentally frankincense plays an interesting part in treating these kind of conditions. When therapists use it to work on an emotional or spiritual level, we use it to build confidence.

Years of enduring painful ailments can often leave people scared and anxious about doing things they used to love.

Remember that then,

if you find that your body has heals quite quickly. Especially if you find that you have less swelling and your joint pain feels a lot better, but you still don't have the confidence to get out there and start living again. This essential oil will really give you the boost you are looking for.

Another essential oil that can help you to a lesser degree is Black Pepper. It has a very "warming" effect and I supppose that when rheumatism and arthritis are both so closely connected with the cold it makes sense to get some heat into the joints. Specifically in this case, because it boosts the circulatory system too, which would definately benefit you.

Be careful though...

Black Pepper irritates and can burn the skin and so should be only be used in the very smallest amounts. No more than one drop in a mix really, and definately don't put it in the bath or you'll know about it!!! (which in fact I did once when I had the flu....I shan't be doing that again in a rush I can tell you- You have been warned!)

On a more advanced level, a good therapist would also use citronella in massage treatment here. From a holistic point of view this is a critical essential oil as it re-aligns the chakras which can become very depleted in this kinds of dis-ease. There are a variety of ways to use essential oils, depending on what suits you best. I suppose there is not much to choose between luxuriating in a bath with them or having a massage wih the essential oil blend. Both are equally blissful.

If you do decide on a massage oil, you can make you essential oil mix even better by usng a carrier oil with equally as beneficial properties.

In these conditions you could use the beautiful red St Johns Wort or the pungent scented yellow

Sea Buckthorn oil. They are both quite thick silky oils and will give you a really pampering and comforting edge to your treatment.

Alternatively, if you would like a cheaper, and easier way to benefit from the essential oil therapy, why not try a ready mixed home treatment from the The Apothecary?

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