How To Make Sinus Pain A Thing Of The Past.

Interestly, blocked noses and sinus problems are conditions that most people have essential oil knowledge about. I think that most people know that eucalyptus oil will clear your nose a bit if you sniff it.

That's great but if you have a pressure headache or even pain from the congestion, then you may need a bit more help.

The power of our treatment relies on the fact that the oils get straight into the tracts though the skin and get working on the sinus infection.

I have to tell you that this treatment comes with a warning.... and you really need to take notice.

This aromatherapy treatment works incredibly quickly.

Do not use it just before going into an interview or on a date or anything similarly important.

Genuinely this is a very effective essential oil preparation and most people find that their noses absolutely stream and empty within just minutes of using it.

I must take this opportunity to tell you that this is a very hard article for me to write as I have a real hatred of any words connected to ....

well let's just say nasal discharge.

It's a weakness that Darrell and the kids find hilarious and really exploit to its full potential when anyone in our house has a cold or is moaning (or actually gloating- evil people) about their hideous oozings.

Everyone tells me about their mucous, and their catarrh and much, much worse. Even just thinking about it makes me feel a bit ill!!


At least I can get rid of their colds pretty quickly so I don't have to bear it for too long!

So, people here's the deal... I'll give you the info about the oils and the treatment, but guys, please don't tell me about your sinus infection symptoms, I absolutely do not want to know.... ring my mother! Message recieved and understood....?




So, let's get to it then.

The main essential oil in the treatment is myrrh. For those that don't know this is a really thick dark brown essential oil that is made from a gum resin. You can see it in the middle of the picture by the dragon, it's those lovely golden nuggets.

In my opinion it is one of the most important oils that aromatherapy has. It is such a powerful decongestant and is amazing for in conditions that I would describe as "gluey". So chesty coughs, catarrh and things like that. You rub the cream around your cheekbone area, so that it can absorb straight through into the tracts

In this treatment the myrrh really cuts through the gluey-ness in your sinus cavities (notice the deliberate avoidance of the revolting words I could have used!!)

It kind of melts it and makes it a lot thinner so it literally runs away helping you to breathe much more easily. I can't tell you what a relief this is if you have a congestion headache, it just releases the pressure and lets the headache ebb away.

For those interested in the essential oil functions it is worth checking out how we use it to heal skin conditions like eczema. You then get the lovely freshness of lemon that is an antiseptic essential oil and really cleanses your nasal cavaties and starts to kill the germs that cause your infection.

These two oils blended together give the treatment a wonderful zingy, fresh fragrance and actually there is a lot to be said for the psychological effect of suddenly being able to smell this incredible vibrant scent after having had a really bunged up nose just moments before.

Instantly you just feel better.

Most importantly though, underpinning this blend is tea-tree essential oil that is unti-viral, ant-bactericidal and antiseptic and really fights off the germs that are causing sinusitis, or even just your basic common cold.

I will add in at this point it's worth considering whether you are right about the fact that you are suffering from a sinus infection or whether you may have some kind of allergy? Could it be that you may be better off with our hayfever treatment?

Have a good think about whether you have been in contact with anything that could have specifically triggered it off, rather than an infection.

As usual, a couple of warnings, because aromatherapy should be used carefully to make sure you are always safe.

Firstly this treatment is categorically not suitable if you are pregnant. Please don't be tempted because the myrrh is so strong is not good for your baby.

Secondly, the key to using this treatment is to use a tiny amount, several times and build it up. Don't smother it on because a) you will waste the oils because the only body only takes what it needs but more importantly b) it is so strong you will absolutely stream and that is just as miserable as having a blocked up nose.

Lastly, the sinus treatment is safe on babies and children but, it may be a better plan to just put it on their temples or feet. Remember the oils will flush to where they need to be and it won't be such a concentrated medicine for them. In my experience when their noses start to run, if they are trying to sleep it can trickle into their little throats and start them coughing if you are not careful.

So as you can see this means that the pot will last you ages. Another property of the myrrh and tea tree oils is that they act as natural preservatives and because they are both anti fungal you do not get any moulds or horrible things forming in any of our creams. This particular treatment has a shelf life of pretty much.... forever.

As with all our natural products, the sinus treatment is pretty much a failsafe. If your nose is blocked it will clear it. If howver after some time of using ity you find that the problem is recurrent- some sinus problems keep reoccuring for a number of reasons, it need not be a sinus infection- we are happy to have a further look at the problem for you.

The Apothecary policy is this.

Should your first pot of cream not be a complete success we can blend you a treatment specific to your needs from tests that we do from hair sample analysis.

This blend will be your own bespoke formula.

In the very unlikely event that this does not have you completely satisfied we will refund your money.

But I would rather get rid of your sinus infection.

So Order Now !

£23 + £4.00 P + P 60ml

Call 01922 629109 to order from The Apothecary

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