A Summer Without Worrying About Hay Fever!"

When the hay fever season starts we start smiling at The Apothecary. The sun is out and we have loads of happy memories of all the summer shows all around the country that we have worked at over the past 21 years. Even better than that though are the memories of selling pot after pot after pot of hay fever treatment.

Apart from our sinus treatment it probably has the fastest effects and it is great because customers can have a dab in the pot, walk round the show after 5 minutes they really can feel the difference it makes. By lunch time the hay fever treatment has usually outsold the other products together two or even three times over.

Happy days!

Working at places like the Gardeners World Live Show at the NEC and Hampton Court Flower Show it's not hard to see why they sold. Of course it's hard life being surrounded by all those fabulous plants and gardens, not to mention the amazing shopping, but someone has to do it I suppose!!

The key to the Hay fever treatment's success is the Melissa essential oil.

It acts like a natural anti-histamine, and really gets to the heart of any allergic reactions. Of course that means that it is not just hay fever that it will help, but any problem that stems from

allergies. So it needn't be an allergy to pollen, it could be house dust mites, cat hair.... whatever is causing your itching and sneezing, it will calm it.

Then we use our favourite essential oil mix of lavender and camomile to calm your itchy and sore rashes down and get rid of your redness and skin flushes.

Finally the frankincence essential oil unlocks your sinuses and helps you to breathe more easily again. In fact, it is a general respiratory essential oil so it will really calm coughing and wheezing down too.

It's interesting, actually, how many people come to us thinking that they have sinusitis but in actual fact they are suffering from a simple allergic problem which of course is more temporary, and actually a lot easier to treat.

It is in a facial massage treatment, which is a very thin, light cream which absorbs quickly through the skin.

I always recommend that you rub just a small amount into your cheekbones and across the sinus areas, so that the essential oil magic can get to work in the blood stream where it needs it most.

A 60 ml pot, will last you quite a long time really. I suppose we get through a pot a summer in our house when Aimée and I are using it. Remember that the oils go straight into the bloodstream and flush around and so you don't need to use very much at all. Obviously the longer time that you use the melissa essential oil, the longer it has to create a build up of anti-histamine and so to a certain extent you will have more and more resistance to the pollen.


Maybe you have tried many treatments to get rid of your hay fever from the doctor and the chemist and has worked before? Or maybe you are worried about side effects? Ok let me try to put your mind at rest.

As with all the Apothecary treatments, the Hayfever blend helps most of the people who use it, but there is always the exception that proves the rule!!

If it turns out that you are the one that it doesn't work so well for, just let us know and we will blend a specific blend for you from a hair sample using other oils. In the very, very unlikely chance that neither of these help your allergic symptoms we will be more than happy to refund your money.

That being said....I would rather have a letter to say how much it has helped you.

So what are you waiting for?

Order now !!!
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£23 + £4.00 P+P 60ml pot

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