Treat The Symptoms, Pain And Causes of Tendonitis
With Aromatherapy
And Breathe A Blissful Sigh Of Relief.

There are two main causes of tendonitis.

Trauma and Overuse.

To understand the tendonitis causes more fully it's useful, I think to just quickly remind ourself of the anatomy and physiology of a tendon.

What are tendons?

First of all let me clarify for you, what are tendons as opposed to ligaments.

Tendons are the connective tissue that join your muscles onto the bone, where as ligaments connect bone to bone. Similar tissue are called Facia and they connect muscle to muscle.

Tendons are made up of bunbles of fibres very closes messed together inside of a tendon sheath. Although they are about 30% water, the dry matter is made up of about 84% collogen. The rest is made up of several different components but most notably copper and calcium.

If you need to
know more in depth
about the anatomy
of the tendon .

A good blood supply is vital to the tendons health and veins run paralell through the fibres. The most important role that the blood plays for the tendons is in its repair. At times of overuse the supply simply cannot compete and so each time the joint is used the paiful tendon just gets worse as the blood supply fails to repair it.

This of course is the main factor that applies in repetitive strain injury or RSI.

The other of the main tendonitis is trauma, Although tendons can withstand really huge levels of exertion, if there is a sharp sudden impact or overstretch then again the blood supply cannot manage to repair it and imflammation begins, but more importantly becomes impossible to get rid of. Inflammation is one of the main symptoms and causes of tendonitis.

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