How Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms
Help Us To Heal Other Illnesses

Adrenal fatigue symptoms - to quote one American source - "are pandemic."

Almost everyone that you see in this day and age will be suffering from adrenal exhaustion symptoms of one form or another.

Exhaustion comes about, obviously from physical stress but also because the effects of adrenaline which is the hormone that is secreted by the adrenal cortex gland section.

When you think about how our bodies use adrenaline to react faster and stronger - you can see that back in the pre-computer/shopping trolley age, it was absolutely essential to catch dinner without being munched by some angry beast.

The adrenaline meant that our ancestors had fast reaction times and vigorous strenth when they needed the kill.

The next part though, makes the valuable quint-essential difference.

As he sat by his fire, eating his roasted mammouth or grilled sabre tooth tiger, with his loving cave-chick by his side, his belly full and safe by the was good and he relaxed.

The adrenaline levels dropped and the body eased down to its usual slower tick tock.
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(Well our lucky cave-dude looks like he may be finding other ways to chill here....but that's another story!

Now of course life is.... I was going to say easier, with all our labour saving devices, but let's say different.

Life is different.

With that difference comes unmeasurable demands on us. Some of which are perceived and self imposed and some of which are very real pressures.

We bounce from day to day, from pressure to pressure and the stress is unending. We constantly live on our wits and are bodies are quite literally stressed-out.

The adrenal glands and stress have an unbreakable bond. There are four categories of stress

1. Physical stress - Over work, lack of sleep, and breaking down of muscle tissue.

2. Chemical stress - Environmental ( Refined foods and allergens)

3. Thermal stress - that could be over heating or over chilly
NB. In this case it would be essential to check if the thyroid is contributing to the adrenal fatgue symptoms here.

4. Emotional and mental stress

Dr Hans Selye describes a adrenal fatigue symptoms causing a triad of chronic stress.

It involves:
Firstly - An adrenal corticol enlargement.

Second - An atrophy of a thymus,

Thirdly - Symptoms like stomach and duodenal ulcers etc.

It is described in the General Adaption Syndrome(GAS)

1. The Alarm Reaction:-

You can imagine that this is the body's initial response to the stress.

It brings about an increase in adrenal activity (extra hormones) so there is an initial hyper-adrenia and then the levels drop down again so there is now a depletion of hormones.

2. The Resistance Stage

Here, the adrenals adapt and rebuild themselves, so then we have this up and down effect ofthe hormones - the hypo(low adrenaline level) - hyper(high adrenaline levels) reaction

3. The Exhaustion Stage.

You can see then, that if stress is prolonged and severe, over time the adrenals lose their ability to respond, because of this ongoing, excessive use.

Adrenal gland symptoms to look for.

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