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Find Yours With Vitamins And Minerals.

Take some vitamins and minerals if you are suffering from eczema, migraine or psoriasis,and you could really see a dramatic improvement in your condition.

It could be that your body is starved of the fuel that it needs to work healthily.

There could be a number of reasons for this.


Organic dysfunction

Environmental Factors

Over Processed foods.

Stress is a major factor in exacerbating many, many illnesses.

So why is this?

Ok well, to put it very simply, it is down mainly to your liver and adrenals. The adrenals are what make the hormone adrenaline. It is what regulates your fight and flight reactions. At times of stress it will secrete more adrenaline. Problems start if you have been under pressure for a long time and the adrenals become completely worn out. Consequently you struggle to have such a quick recovery from stress.

Your adrenals also secrete something called glucocorticoids at times of stress which flush through the blood stream. When they reach the brain they actually inhibit blood flow to your liver.

When the liver cannot function effectively it eats and eats its reserve of Vitamin B. This, of course leaves your body deficient in the vitamin that is the very fuel for the liver. It can no longer function effectively and starts to draw on other resources of the body and throws up outward symptoms of stress. The worse the dysfunction of the organs the higher the toxicity is. The worst outbreaks of symptoms are because of extremely high levels of toxicity.

In eczema and psoriasis you have the skin disorders. In migraine it is the headache and nausea et al.

Your body relies on a kind of see saw effect of balance for the vitamins and minerals. If one level is too low then another one will become too high. Likewise, they rely on each other. Your body cannot absorb vitamin B if it does not have adequate resources of Vitamin C.

Environmental factors such as pollution and pesticides also make a large impact on the system. As we absorb more and more heavy metals so our bodies struggle to maintain their healthy levels. Again vitamins and minerals can help to steady this balance.

Food supplements really help to replenish the levels and nourish the system, reducing all these levels of toxicity. The process is to feed the body with vitamins and minerals and then use aromatherapy to cleanse and boost the organs.

In the past, my step-father Michael was the expert on vitamin therapy, and had exceptional success healing people with vitamins and minerals alongside their aromatherapy.

Consequently although I have a knowledge of what to prescribe for which conditions, I kinda skived the in depth study in favour of referring people to him. Sadly we no longer have his fabulous expertise in this field to draw on, which is why I have referred you to pages where the authors have a far superior command of the subject than I.

I want to thank them for letting me use their resources.


Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin E Vitamin B Complex Vitamin B6 Choline, Biotin Calcium Zinc Iron Copper Selenium


Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin B Complex Choline Biotin Iron Zinc Copper


Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin E Vitmain B Complex Especially Choline Iron Copper Zinc

Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin E Vitamin B Complex Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Iron Copper Zinc calcium


Vitamin B Complex Vitamin C Zinc Calcium

Use your vitamins and minerals alongside your aromatherapy products from The Apothecary

Additional notes on vitamins and minerals.

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