Understand What
Aligning Your Chakras
Actually Means To Your Life

There are many pages devoted to aligning your chakras on the internet. You will find endless numbers of meditations and information about oils that will help guide your chi into a healthy flow again.

In fact, I have written some myself.

It was only as I have started to write these pages that I have realised that maybe a layman will not know really what it means and also the possible repercussions of doing so. Aligning your chakras will always ultimately be good for your health. Balance is a hugely beneficial thing. You will feel that your emotions are more even but more importantly health will definitely improve.

What to be aware of when aligning chakras.

I have had an interesting journey of discovery whilst I have been writing these pages that has led me to write this page.

It's funny, don't you think, that often you can know about things but until they are in front of your nose, you don't know they are there?

That's exactly what has happened this week.

I have had an abcess in my mouth, at the top of my gum and three days ago I was really not nice to be around, because I was in so much pain.

I had been ladling on the tea tree oil, in fact the pain was so bad that the revolting taste wasn't bothering me at all.

Whilst I was collating the pictures, checking my facts etc, I came across these fantastic graphics on Youtube for aligning your throat chakra. I was mesmerised, and kept watching for ages, because there was nothing like it around when I trained and so I was fascinated to see what they were about. About an hour after watching it I noticed that the pain in my mouth was really starting subside and the swelling was going down.

It never occured to me until later that the abcess could be allayed to some kind of chakra dysfunction. I was flabbergasted really, to be honest, that it could make so much of a difference, if indeed it had.

I went to bed and forgot about it.

The next day started as every other day starts in our house,

With the statement " Mom, where's my...", in this case it happened to be a money box, and the request hadn't been very politely put.

You should have seen me fly!

Every gripe I had accumulated about unmade beds, chaotic bedrooms, pocket money (and probably third world debt if I think back) came shooting out of my mouth.

The poor kid got both barrells, and that's not like me.

But my goodness, I felt better.

So that's a good thing surely.

Yes,but let's just go back to the lady with the open heart chakra who has been suffering in that co-dependant, abusive relationship.

Remember her?

Let's imagine for a minute she has been watching Oprah this afternoon and she decides that she is going to take a hold of the situation and she had heard that an hour spent aligning her chakras could be her salvation.

So for argument's sake she reads my page and realises that it's probably her heart chakra that is making her put up with all this mess, and she is damn well going to put a stop to it all.

She logs on to the chakra singing bowls meditation page and watches and listens to the heart chakra film and walks away.

What do you think is likely to happen when her wonderful man walks in an hour late for his tea tanked up on half a bottle of whisky?

Be prepared for the effects that aligning your chakras can have.

As a therapist over the years, I have seen the same pattern happen over and over again as peoples' "etheric healing" seems to get locked into place.

They would lie on the couch for massage and healing each week and after two or three weeks I would see that their lives started to feel effects from the realignments.

They will recount thir week's events and without doubt there will have been some kind of argument of some sort. Sometimes it is easy to guess who the person will be with even if they haven't told you who is griping at them, you can see the physical effects or nuances in their body language. Sometimes you will be shocked to find that their perfect relationship with someone has very concealed cracks. In my experience these tend to be the biggest rows.

be aware of the effects that aligning chakras can have.

You see part of the healing process that comes from aligning your chakras is it makes you face up to supressed anger or upsets.

When they come to the surface they come up with a huge force of power...a gush of energy. Imagine being on the end of that if the person you have beeen married to for 20 years has never told you that you annoy the hell out of them for not picking up your socks.

Small gripe - multiplied by many many years.

Aligning Your Chakras Needs To Part Of An Entire Process.

I am the worst protagonist for the next point.

I will often say to someone you need to work on your throat chakra or heart chakra or whichever applies.

What I should make clear is that aligning your chakras and getting them working in balance you need to work on all of them. It's just that some require a bit more focus and energy than others.

Its worth pointing out, too that often you will find that two chakras are compensating for each other.

One chakra could be wide open, often that will mean that another one is jammed closed to "balance" the effects.

Actually there is no balance, just one over working and the other not working enough.

Aligning your chakras involves being able to charge each energy centre in turn and then see the force running through them in unison.

There is a much more detailed chart of all 22 chakras to use as a reference when you are working on aligning chakras Chakra singing bowls make a good support to your essential oils for aligning your chakras.

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