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chakra singing bowls

My mum and stepfather gained a set of Tibetan Chakra Singing Bowls shortly after the Tiananmen Square riots. In a sad part of the countries history, many of the Chinese families sold their most beloved possessions just to find a stable economic foothold.

If you have never seen them, they really are quite beautiful in their own right, even without their healing abilities. Ours are brass and have been hand hammered into their bowl shape and to tone them, I suppose a bit like they tune a steel drum.

Legend has it that there are two places in Tibet that make them and they are made from meteroric rock, which is what is reputed to give them their unearthly effects.

I can't comment on that, I'd love to think it were true.

Over the years our Tibetan bowls have become real family treasures, especially to Michael, but we had never really used them to heal, simply because we couldn't really get them all to "sing" very well.

They have ornate turned wands with them and so look a little like a pestle and mortar. Contrary to my son Dexter's beliefs, you don't bang them. He loves to...very loudly.

What you do is carefully and smoothly move the wand around the outside rim of the bowl. Similar to how you can get the top of a wine glass to sing when you rub a damp finger around the rim.

Slowly they start to hum and then as you go round and round the volume and depth of the note grows in richness. I can make the third eye chakra one of ours really go and also the big, base chakra one but the others I struggle with.

So when I came a cross these videos by Dr Jane Ma-ati Smith, I was so dumbstruck at how beautiful her bowls sound, but also how fast they have an effect, not just on your chakras, but you can feel them vibrating right through your etheric bodies.

She really is gifted with them. What's nice for me too, is that she uses brass ones like ours are, but there are many other people that use crystal ones and they are so beautiful to look at.

These videos of Dr Jane's showp spellbinding graphics of the colours that the chakras vibrate on and have this incredible resonance of the bowl that vibrates at the same frequency of the chakra. I am not sure of the significance of the waves of the ocean in the background but I would imagine that the rhythm is very significant. Either way it does give it a lost-in-relaxation feel that is just blissful.

So how and why do chakra singing bowls work?

Remember that the key to a healthy chakra is that it is spinning open and closed regularly and healthily. The highest and fastest frequency being the crown chakra - which shows itself with the highest colour vibration of violet. The lowest being the base chakra which spins slowest with the slowest colour waves of rad.

Healing a chakra can be done in many ways. Opening chakras is very easily done by using essential oils, absorbing the colour of the chakra, and by listening to the chakra note over a period of time.

Now, when I write these pages I try to make them as grounded and down to earth as possible. I don't like airy fairy language or vague hype. Having said that, even I think that it seems pretty far fetched that a note or beat can affect your body. So lets put it in total laymans terms so that you can understand what I mean before you try the videos and feel what they do for yourself.

Elvis the Pelvis. God rest his soul (I suppose I should add allegedly!) The father of rock and roll, and the new kind of music with a base beat. Listen to it loud enough and I promise that you will feel that beat in your pelvis. The soundwaves bounce of you but they match the beat in your base chakra too.

Chakra notes and chakra singing bowls.

In the same way that the chakras have the same vibrational frequency as a colour, so do they have a sound. In fact there are some schools of thought that say every part of our body has a sound frequency too.

Each chakra has its own note that it matches to, and when the two match you will feel the sensation of an opening chakra.

The chakra singing bowls each have a correlating music note from the diatonic scale - Doh, Re, Me etc

Now I have put the crown chakra at the top of the list because it corresponds to the top of the head. To me that's obvious. It maybe however that you feel this is the hardest one to use. If you are not used to healing energies or psychical work then the chances are you may find it hard to feel the chakra singing bowl's resonance in these chakras straight away. You may find it easier to start at the body and work up, the lower frequencies, I think, are easier to discern. Be aware of exactly what effects may happen to you before you use the chakra singing bowls to align. Although you should not suffer any side effects, remember you are aiming to alter your state and as Newton said "every action has an equal and opposite reaction". Make sure you have considered what these could be and decided how you may need to accomodate for these.

Musical Notes And Meditations Of Chakra Singing Bowls

Crown Chakra - Musical note B

What ESSENTIAL OILS will help balance the CROWN CHAKRA. Enhance the healing experience.

Brow or Third Eye Chakra - Musical Note A

What does the BROW CHAKRA do and which ESSENTIAL OILS to use.

Throat Chakra - Musical Note A

The effects of aligning the THROAT CHAKRA and which ESSENTIAL OILS will help you.

Heart Chakra - Musical Note G

Which ESSENTIAL OILS will help your HEART CHAKRA, and what effects they will have.

Solar Plexus Chakra - Musical Note F

Functions of the SOLAR PLEXUS Page and which ESSENTIAL OILS you can use to affect them.

Sacral Chakra - Musical Note E

ESSENTIAL OILS for the SACRAL CHAKRA and what the chakra functions are.

Base Chakra - Musical Note D

What the BASE CHAKRA does and ESSENTIAL OILS to balance it

Don't forget if you want an easy way to remember the colours, there is a

Chakra colour chart for you to follow here.

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