The Sacral Chakra,
Often Known AsThe Sex Chakra,
And How It Affects
Your Well Being.

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Includes List Of 16 Essential Oils To Balance The Sacral or Sex Chakra

You will find your sacral or sex chakra located in the lower part of your abdomen. This wheel of orange energy is the centre of all the delicious things that bring sensuality into your life.


I've chosen this word carefully because, although sex is high on the agenda here, this is about your senses. It is about savouring the juiciness of a succulent peach or knocking back tumbler after tumbler of Scotch.

Often how well this orange chakra works is a reflection of the environment in which you were raised. The chances are that those who have lived in an environment where sex is seen as dirty or tends to be a taboo subject, will continue this attitude themselves. Feelings of guilt and shame about feeling desire, or worse acting upon it; constantly hiding behind a cloak of embarrassment or denial suffucates the fire that fuels your sacral chakra. Soon that fire burns out.

Ignite that fire and swirl the healthy potency of the sex chakra and the magnetism is electic. Desire is strong, and when touched the sensations stir deeply. This is no wanton desire though, instead a healthy open sex chakra understands the rapture that comes from a stable loving relationship.

Jammed open then, sex drive goes off the scale. Sexual addictions and promiscuity invade with frightening ferocity. A desperate hunt begins for sex for sex's sake, regardless of the consequences.

Upbringing may, again, have to take responsibilty, if wild parties, turmultuous rows and an endless need for excitement were the norm, why should overstimulation seem so strange?

Closed down completely, sensuality is gone. In its place, secrets hide. Sexual dysfunction, anorexia, bulimia.
The sacral instills an understanding of control in our lives. The ability to understand that there is more to life than simply being accepted or being rejected, is often one that is hard to learn. This openness at the sacral not only relaxes our hips to make us more sexually open but also softens any physical effects too.

The element of water governs the sacral, orange chakra. In the same way it helps us to be fluid and move forward in life, physical effects also tend to be liquid.

Menstruation can be painful and irregular, Urinary tract problems can occur, any kind of "women's problems and of course low libido and impotence.

The sacral chakra location over the lower back and sciatica can mean excruciating pain here too.

Just prepare yourself for the effects of aligning chakras before you start working on them

Essential oils for your Sacral or Pelvic Chakra

Black Pepper, Bulgarian Lavender, Celery Seed, Cinnamon Bark, Camphor, Coriander, Neroli, Naouilli, Pimiento Berry, Rose de Mai, Rosewood, Ylang Ylang, Tonka Bean, Peppermint, Rose Otto Distillation

Be aware that Camphor and Cinnamon Bark are considered hazardous oils. Use with care in tiny amounts, perhaps in a 1/15th drop. (blend 1 drop to 15 drops of carrier oil and then use one drop of the blend.

An evaportaor or oil burner would work well as would oils in the bath or massage oils.

You could support the essential oils to clear your sacral or sex chakra by using chakra singing bowls.

Chakra Colour chart of how this chakra relates to the other major chakras and 15 minor chakras.