Red Chakra, Base Chakra or Chakra One.

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Includes A List Of Essential Oils For Balancing This Base Chakra
red chakra

What Does The Red Chakra Do?

The energy contained in the red chakra or base chakra is pure adrenaline rush. Connecting with the adrenal gland it measures and processes every terror, fear and excitement that we feel. In response it sends messages about this to our physical body.

Fight or Flight syndrome, the scientists call it.

Our decisions to do what is needed to ensure we survive. It 's energy connects us to security in it's greatest sense.

How we feel about our family.

The relationship we have with money.

Ambition to strive and move up.

This is about our place in a material world.

This chakra is loctated between the anus and the genitals, around the perineum area, just at the base of the spine.

As with each of the others, it is important to maintain the chakra spinning in a healthy regulated way but extreme worries about security can force this balance out. Moving house, changing or losing a job or basic concerns about stability can alter this chakra. The red chakra is the slowest moving of the chakras and vibrates at the lowest level

It connects to those parts of us that are dense and hard, the bones nails and teeth, of course, but also the large intestine, anus and prostate. The energy is forced down to the ground and connects us to gravity through the spinal column.

This is the very depiction of being grounded or having your feet on the ground.
A vibrant and healthy base chakra bestows the kind of feelings of security that we all crave. A wonderful inner self confidence and a security and trust and belief in your close circle around you. It is best described as "comfortable in your own skin" I think.

Courgageous in the face of critisism, there a sensible understanding of right and wrong and a desire to ensure that life is lived justly.

Balanced, there a deep understanding of who you are and a careful discipline in how to achieve your dreams and goals.

Discovering a base chakra spinning too fast or jarred open, will expose someone who is selfish, egocentric, self-centred and more than likely a bully.

Obsessed by money and material goods, they will do whatever it takes to get it, no matter who stands in the way. Ambitious in a nasty, sly way.

It goes without saying that adrenaline junkies like these will often be seen spending hard earned cash on bungie jumping or parachuting, just to push the poor, overactive red chakra to the point of exertion.

By contrast, the airy fairy floaty type with no direction in their life lacks red chakra energy. Their lack of direction and even downright self destructive nature can be traced to an underactive base chakra.

There is no confidence or self esteem and often these are "group players" or gang members, neededin the security of others to make themselves feel valued. Insecurity is rife here, as is self pity.

Diseases related to chakra one tend to be related to the spine and also to the immune system. Lower back pain, sciatica, osteo- arthritis. Immune diseases such as lupus or HIV. Concerning the anus and rectum, haemorrhoids can often occur.

Essential Oils For The Base Chakra

Narcissus, Penny Royal, Violet Resinoid, Clove.

Best used in an essential oils burner as all but Violet are considered hazardous oils.


Why not try using chakra singing bowls to support your essential oils in stimulating your base or red chakra?

Chakra colour chart for reference which shows all of the 7 major chakras and 15 smaller supporting minor chakras.