Conscious Relaxation And Spiritual Wellness
Are You getting Yours?

Conscious relaxation - we know what it means.

But do we know how to do it?

And how many of us actually make an effort to do make it happen or understand why?

To understand the principle of illness and to understand its part of the Mind-Body-Spirit health link, you must be aware that we not just a physical body, but we are a mind also, and an aura.

The definition of aura is the electro-magnetic field that runs through and around us.

When all these things are in balance, then we are healthy. When there is 'dis-ease' or imbalance in one or more of them, that is when we become ill. Mind body spirit health is essential to a strong, vital existence.

Learning to keep all these factors in balance is done through the way we live our life. There should be a balance of things in your life - family, work and leisure, that make you feel happy. This is not the same for everyone. Some people like to work more than others - some don't feel the need for family. It is whatever makes you 'tick' that is the answer. You should try to do what makes you happy. Conscious relaxation means different things for different people.

Of course life isn't that easy. Sometimes the pressures of life build up and we become unhappy. Also it is important to realise that these times are known as 'karmic' lessons, which are times when it is necessary for us to grow and learn. How we deal with those lessons results in how we grow as a human being. We should also realise that sometimes it is the 'dis-ease' itself which is the karmic lesson. In which case dealing with our illness is the most important thing.

Often illness co-incides with the build up of pressure in your life and in this case conscious relaxation should mean taking steps to actually physically and emotionally relax. Aromatherapy is ideal here, but equally so are relaxation and meditation techniques or even hypnotherapy.

Or sometimes when you have become aware that something from your past is causing imbalalnce. In these cases it is beneficial to acknowledge this to yourself and then seek to change something in your life you have now percieved as being the 'root' of your 'dis-ease'. Conscious relaxation in this way may mean making profoundly difficult decisions or adjustments in your life.

Again, this often isn't easy. You are likely to belong to different kinds of groups: family, work, a team etc. Changing within yourself can often affect them. How you deal with this in the most responsible and sympathetic way is again part of the karmic lesson. So to keep a balance in your life. It is best to live your life in 'balance'.

Acknowledge to yourself who you are. Astrology in the hands of an accomplished practitioner can reveal all kinds of things about yourself and your life, that you hoped might be there, and actually are. What do you want from your life? What do you like doing? Try to live your life within that conscious relaxation framework. There are times when you will clash with others, and there will be times when you simply won't be able to do what you want. Acknowledge that - be gentle with others at all times, but if you are quite certain that this is what you want to do, continue to work towards it, gently, kindly but firmly.

If there are imbalances in your life, try to no longer run from them. Face them. If you can do something about them, then start to. It doesn't have to done completely today, but by starting to do something you are redressing this problem. If you are overweight, give yourself the mantra "I will start to address this problem at this very moment". If you fall off the wagon, don't punish yourself. Repeat the mantra and start again. Look forward, not back.

If someone in your life is causing you aggravation, find a way to address this. Aggravation can be all kinds of things from violence to hogging the remote control. If this is a serious issue in your life repeat the same mantra and seek to find help from the many sources available. Simply by embracing positive thinking, life can often sort itself out. By taking this decision you are making a promise of conscious relaxation and that is absolutely imperative to being well. Very easy to say but I would be the first one to admit that making this mind body spirit health balance is incredibly difficult to obtain. But obtain it we must.

If you are in a situation, from which you feel you cannot find a way to make it better, you may be in a large karmic lesson. In which case try to embrace all issues that are occurring in the most positive manner, and you will start to work out, not only what the karmic lesson is trying to tell you, but positive ways of dealing with it also.

The simplest way to maintain balalnce in life is to pursue life in moderation. Of course there will be highs and lows, but for most of the time try to remain even, For your physical needs eat what is good for you, take exercise, keep yourself groomed and feeling good. This is a very direct step in your plan for conscious relaxation.

Mentally try to stay as unstressed as possible. Sometimes stress is good; it makes us get on with our lives. But when it builds up pressure which starts to affect our physical health, then it is time to think of ways to reduce it. Conscious relaxation is your own responsibility to yourself.

Spiritually, always try to have something in your life which uplifts you. Maybe it's your garden, artistic pursuits, football or walking in countryside. There must always be something which feeds the soul, for your spirit is the seat of your soul.

When the soul becomes 'dis-eased' this is when the process of illness is usually activated. Remember we are not just a physical body, we are a mind and also have an aura. It is thought that it is within the aura that the soul communicates first with the mind, and then with the physical body. If the soul is distressed this is believed to be filtered through these processes and and 'dis-ease' of the body activated.

The aura is a very complex mechanism. It is constantly changing and monitoring the way you interact with the world. It reflects your state of mind, and your interaction with the world about you. So if your soul is in a state of balance then you are likely to remain well.

Over the coming weeks we will look at how aromatherapy can help you achieve conscious relaxation and achieve a healthier and happier life balance. Meditation can make a valid contribution to conscious relaxation. or you could try taking some time out with these chakra singing bowls they are really calming. Or perhaps lounging in a bath with a gorgeous aromatherapy bath oil

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