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Let's look at essential oil benefits, and get some of that magic going on inside you!

There are many ways to get aromatherapy oils into your body but by far the most effective is through your skin.

It’s hard to believe that oils can sink in so far to actually absorb into the blood stream but it is absolutely true.

Amazingly your skin is the largest of the organs in your bodies and it is completely porous. One of its main functions is to act as a water barrier (so we don't absorb all our bathwater) but the oil molecules are so tiny that they can still squeeze through.

When I was training, one of my favourite experiments was the one to prove this theory and if you have any doubt in your mind, do it for yourself and you will be amazed.

All you need is a clove of garlic ... its best if you use a lovely big fresh clove so that the oil is potent and vital.

Now, rub it into the soles of your feet.... Go on! Go for it!!

Now look at the clock... this is important.... note the time.


So... now we wait.

We wait for 20 minutes to pass.

Now get someone to smell your breath.

Just a gentle note of advice here....pick someone who is already quite fond and more than a little accepting of you....this is one of the times that you may be showing a little bit more crazy than perhaps you would normally want to!!)

In the twenty minutes that have passed, the garlic oil has not only absorbed through your skin but entered the blood stream, travelled around your body, fed the blood supply to your lungs and respiratory system and made your breath....well, stink really!!

Fabulous trick, I love it!

But remember....not on a date night please!!

Seriously though, it's a valuable indicator for you. You now have proof of the way that the essential oilbenefits can travel round your body but also how long it will take. This is aa great way to demonstrate how to use essential oils benefits a bit more cleverly than most people really expect too.

Bath Oils.

20 minutes....could be all it takes to take you to heaven!

Well, not literally, but imagine treating your symptoms by lying in scented bath oils for 20 minutes with some really gorgeous candles It’s not exactly torture is it?

Especially true if the oils are something gorgeous like rose or jasmine.

Any takers for that job?

In actual fact there is no need to have ready mixed bath oils because aromatherapy oils can be used undiluted in your bath. You can use between 5 and 10 drops of oil straight into your bath water. That can be all of one oil or a blend of several if you want to increase the oil benefits. Just be careful to read how to use essential oils safely from the label when you buy them. (Some oils like lemon or black pepper are dermal irritants which means that they would irritate your skin used neat as bath oils. )

Remember that the physical oil effects will take about 20 minutes to really start flushing round your system, but the emotional oil benefits start working immediately as you breathe the aroma in the steam around you.

Of course, your muscles will be relaxing from the warmth of the water whilst the physical essential oil benefits filter through.

What's more, don't get sucked into those easy misconceptions of essential oils uses. Too many people just think of aromatherapy as just bath oils for relaxation. Plant extracts have so many medicinal qualities, make sure you learn the essential oil benefits and start to use them for things like insomnia, nausea, aching muscles or joints, headaches and infections. In fact you will find that you can start to exploit the essential oil benefits for any number of complaints.


Lavender and tea tee oils can be used neat on your skin if you want to achieve maximum results in superquick time. It's one of the lesser known essential oil benefits but the effects really can be startling.

Burns and scolds need a few drops of lavender pouring on immediately. In actual fact this was the very first discovery of how to use essential oils. Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, a scientist in Paris, discovered the magic of the oil when he suffered a dreadful burn in his laboratory. He plunged his hand into a vat thinking it was water and was startled at how fast the pain subsided but subsequently how well it healed with no scarring. This marked the beginning of research into how aromatherapy worked and how to use the essential oil benefits for healing.

As a teenager I was never seen without a bottle of lavender oil on my chin dabbing it on any spot that dared rear it's ugly head. I suppose this was the beginning of mum teaching me how to use essential oils....definately as useful a skill as being able to cook a sunday roast in my opinion!!

A dab of lavender oil on the temples will clear your head and ease a headache.

Neat tea tree will kiss goodbye to horrid athletes foot. (Put a couple of drops in the washing when you do the socks to be extra sure. I put it in the fabric conditioner.)

Rub tea tree on the inside of your wrist (on the blue veiny bit) the second you realise you are around someone with a cold to stop the it over and over again three or four times through the day.

Some people recommend tea tree on a tampon for thrush. All I'll say'll make your eyes water! I think that covers that one.

That said.... Don't use any other oils neat on the skin without seeking the advice of a qualified therapist.


To sleep: perchance to dream: ah, there's the rub;-

I actually can’t think of anything more indulgent that a rubdown before bed to send you off to sleep. It's really got to be the most intimate treat hasn’t it?

In effect though, it’s one of the most popular ways to access those divine essential oil benefits. Its a fantastic way to to push aromatherapy oils into the system because you are working the blood through the muscles too. A kind of workout for them and distributing the oils everywhere through the body really quickly.

Kneading the muscles separates the muscle fibres making it easier fror the oil benefits to flush through your blood. Vital accupressure points are stimulated as is the lymphatic system helping you flush away all the toxins that are released by the massage.

To do a good massage you need to blend your essential oils into a carrier oil ( or indeed a blend of carrier oils) to really use all the oil essential oil benefits. Ideally have each of a top, middle and base note, and use about 5 - 10 drops maximum. The trick is to learn which essential oil benefits your emotions as well as your physical symptoms.

Why not download the free essential oil use chart to help you to learn each of the essential oil benefits.

Or read in depth about our featured oils in the ever growing essential oil database

Use an Oil Burner

There is of course, using a vaporiser or oil burner to evaporate the oils into the air for you to breathe in too.

This is great if you want to relax or invigorate or even unblock a little ones nose during a cold, other than that though it’s a bit hard to find ways that any other essential oil benefits physical complaints.

Having said that I cannot stress to you enough how much difference using them in an oil burner can make to the mood of a room....soothing, romantic, sexy or even to help a teenager focus on exams.

The essential oil benefits linger in the air for many hours after.

This is a lovely place to start if you are a just beginning to learn how to use essential oils.

How to use essential oils in compresses.

This is the main ways that I tap into some of the lesser known essential oil benefits. Hot and cold compresses are exactly as they sound. A couple of old towels that have been soaked in water and oils. One in hot water and one in cold.

As warm water opens the pores of your skin, oils can absorb and then the cold compress closes them again. By doing this repeatedly you create a "sucking effect" that draws out toxins,

These are absolutely fantastic if you want to use the essential oil benefits to treat infections or even colds.

A warm compress on sore shoulders is blissful as is a cold one on your head if you have a migraine.

Creams and lotions.

The greatest thing about learning the many essential oil benefits properly is that you begin to see what flexible medicines they can be.

You need to remember that aromatherapy oils travel through your blood stream. Your body will only take what it needs and flush the rest away as natural waste. Incredibly, there is no need to apply the treatment all over your body. Or indeed even on the affected part.

The oils will travel to where they are actually needed in your body. So what does that mean to you?

Well, that’s where we come in; we blend carefully essential oils into into simple to use creams that you can apply easily, wherever, whenever you need.

The essential oils get working pretty much as soon as you rub the cream on there, quickly travelling to treat your symptoms without you even having to take your clothes off!

All right, I guess that may not always be seen as a benefit but give a girl a chance!)

Think about it though.... that means that you can keep topping up the essential oil benefits, pushing their medicinal qualities into your blood stream, building their effects, little by little....continuously.

In short you can rest easily knowing that your little pot of cream is continually working.

It is steadily healing your body from the inside. has got to be the most reliable way to use essential oils because the dose is always consistent and used in the same way so that you know that you are getting a safe, thorough treatment.

Even better though, is that anyone at all can use these treatments, even if they have absolutely no knowledge of how to use essential oils.

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