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Discomfort, Embarrassment or Soreness.

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I am sure that the fact that you have wanted to find about psoriasis causes means that you have had even just a small amount of exposure to the condition.

It's hard to measure where your knowledge about it would start so I will start at the most basic of levels, if that's all right with you.

I'm sorry if it covers stuff you already know but it is worth keeping on reading, I hope.

First of all

Is psoriasis contagious?

Easy one this one.


You can't catch it from someone else, but more you can't pass it from one part of your body to another either.

So for example if you have psoriasis on your hands, you can't get psoriasis on your face by rubbing or washing it. The psoriasis won't rub off there.

This a bit of pet hate of mine and if I can just re-educate one ignorant person I will be happy.

I was a recruitment consultant for a good many years and as such interviewed many, many people. I think shaking hands with people as a greeting is not just basic manners but also a good way to put them at ease, so Ialways do it with everyone I meet.

There was another guy who worked as an interviewer in our office, whom I had trained, and as such he took to shaking peoples' hands.

This guy was one of the nicest blokes you could ever wish to meet, always smiling and warm and considerate, but had the worst case of hand psoriasis that I have ever seen. As far as I know that was the only place he had it, but I never asked.

The amount of people who refused to shake his hand was absolutely shocking.

More than that, I often used to hear statements like Urgh, mate, what’s that on your hands...I'm not touching that!" Whatever manners their parents were supposed to have taught them passes me by really! But worse was he just would smile and explain but I could see how much it hurt him each time. I couldn't believe that someone would treat another person as if they were so dirty....it would have been a whole different story if it were the colour of his skin they had a problem with. That would be bigotry....!

Still maybe this will help!


What causes it?

Psoriasis is a really strange illness because currently there are no definite answers as to why it occurs. There are two main theories as to psoriasis causes.

1. The skin reacts to an auto-immune response and migrates it to the dermis creating this manufacture of cells over and over until eventually the redness has a silvery gray scaling to it.

2. That the body manufactures high numbers of T Cells, the cells that fight infection, and this in turn creates the auto- immune response.

The second theory has added weight because whatever the psoriasis causes are they seem to respond to immunosuppressant drugs and on many occasions there has been a marked improvement.

Paradoxically, and indeed fascinatingly in my opinion, psoriasis is often seen in patients with very advanced case HIV, providing science with a quandary because these would be the patients with the very lowest T cell count.

Complex, confusing and very strange.

What is clear though is that there is an interruption in the messages that the skin gets about creating new layers.

"Normally" (I hate that word, it implies that psoriasis causes a person to not be normal- But you know what I mean...), Normally, the skin will create a new layer every 28 days or so but where a person has a psoriatic plaque (The name for the red patches) their skin regenerates every two to six days, hence this kind of red layering effect they have.

Red and sore and really not very nice to suffer from.

The layering often can become very scaly and differing to eczema tends to be on the extensor parts of your body. Elbows, knees, hands, geitals and scalp are the main areas and actually psoriasis nails can be extremely brittle and painful as they can be very prone to splitting.

It seems fairly definite that there may be a genetic link there, certainly there is often more than one incidence of it in a family. It is a condition that affects about 3% of the population and in the UK surveys have shown that it tends to affect 1.5% of their patients registered.

Scientists have been able identify about 13 chromosomes that they think may pass the illness down the generations. There seems to be no higher likelihood of males or females getting it, both are equally as likely but it does seem that symptoms are most likely to start to appear between the ages of 15 and 25.

It is not exclusively a young person’s problem though, by any means. Suffering can continue right through to old age.

Severe conditions can be affecting over 10 % of the body. Most of those conditions I would imagine, around 65% of sufferers, would be classed as mild or moderate.(covering between 3-10% of their bodies.

Homeopathy can sometimes lend more of a theory to a psoriasis cause through inheritance than we can, I think. They believe that it is likely that we are born with a genetic propensity for certain diseases.

This is called miasm.

Could homeopathy hold the answer ? Is miasm one of the key psoriasis cause?

It is something that I intend to cover at a later date, and certainly there are essential oils that can help remove the effects of a miasm.

I have attached pages that I think will explain it well for you, but please don't hesitate to contact me if you want me to go into it more now. I have to say that miasms do not make for light reading... these are a bit dour but interesting and may make an aspect that you have not yet considered.

So in short.

We don't really know what causes it for sure.

I suppose in a way it isn't as important as to understand what particular things make your own condition worse.

Problems occur when psoriasis causes discomfort or stress or simple self consciousness.

That’s when it becomes imperative that you recognise your triggers and manage your condition accordingly. Often it can seem like there is no rhyme or reason to your flare ups, that an outbreak can happen for no reason at all.

Often though there are seemingly hidden triggers so here are a few for you to consider.

I think the most obvious and easily recognised correlation would have to be with stress. It’s a pretty common response to being upset to have some kind of outward reaction whether it is with a headache, or something more visual like psoriasis.

Without becoming too technical, because I have covered it in more detail on the page about allergies, stress really depletes your bodies vitamin B which is the fuel for the liver. The liver in turn will cause any number of organs to start to dysfunction. Remember of course that the skin is the largest organ in your body. Other organs that may experience dysfunction are stomach, spleen, large intestine, lung and kidneys.

Aromatherapy can definitely help immensely here as can vitamin therapy.

vitamin therapy.

So in this particular case it is worth taking a supply of vitamin B to kick-start it's function again.

Further though, there are very specific emotions that seem to be connected to outbreaks of psoriasis.

Try to distance yourself from things a little and consider if any of these may apply to you. Perhaps one of these emotions may be one of your main psoriasis causes?

Are you experiencing fear of some sort?

Do you feel that you have unsolved problems that keep re-appearing?

Do you feel that there is someone or something that is cause of irritation?

Are you someone that has a habit of self-centeredness? Perhaps someone close to you may be able to give this one a more honest assessment than you can give yourself here.

Do you have feelings of emotional insecurity.

I always find it really interesting when I can see a particular emotion is setting up an illness. If you do suspect that an emotion of your psoriasis causes you do get worse, the problem is on earth to do about it!

The most obvious answer will be to deal with it. Get rid of the toxic friend, change the job...whatever.

But life is never as simple as that is it?

What is clear is that this emotion is genuinely causing you dis- ease. Your entire body is telling you to take notice.

It could be that a situation is causing you distress but perhaps changing your perspective about it may be all you need to do.

In the past I have found CBT an invaluable tool (that is COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY, not some motorcycle course which is what you get if you Google it!!).

Often these emotions are part of some untrue belief that we are living by...e.g. I have to excel at everything I do etc.

Counselling plays a large part in treatment of severe cases of psoriasis especially.

Just living with the everyday appearance of psoriasis causes many people a great deal of anxiety and even in many cases, depression. Just think back to my friend that I mentioned at the beginning. Incidents like that probably happened a dozen times a day,can you imagine dealing with that?

There can be a definite feeling of losing yourself behind the skin. That psoriasis causes people to know you by your skin and not even recognise the person beneath it. A skilled counsellor can definitely help here, especially if you are perhaps overwhelmed by the condition and its prognosis.

It's important to recognise that these are valid emotions. They are hurting you and there is help out there, don't feel embarrassed about asking for help. If your psoriasis causes you anxiety, then we have to do something about that don't we?

Psoriasis and diet have a definite correlation, as can spinal misalignment of the cervical, dorsal and lumbar spine. A chiropractor can do wonders.

You may also find that you have patches forming on sites where you have had an injury that has become scarred. The psoriasis causes the lesions to grow over the scar and kind over re-heal it over and over agin.

This is very common.

Another one of the psoriasis causes that most people don't consider is medication that they may be on for another condition. Some medications can often cause outbreaks. Beta-blockers, lithium based medicines and also chloroquinine that is used as an antimalarial.

One of the main psoriasis causes though is something you have eaten. If Your Psoriasis Causes You Discomfort - Try Our Psoriasis Home Treament.