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Are you trying to get to grips with psoriasis and diet tips?

Confusing isn't it?

When the doctor first gives a diagnosis of Psoriasis, everyone tells you, that you will have to watch what you are easting now.

But how exactly are psoriasis and diet linked?

More importantly how on earth do you know what to eat, and what not to?

On the surface it looks complicated but actually it really isn't. Follow a few simple rules and you should see some benefits very quickly.

Firstly general healthy rules apply. Eat a balanced diet in moderation and vary your meals often. Try to have lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. (watch citrus fruits though, and I will explain why further down.


The most important thing to cut down is pork related products. Bacon, sausages, gammon, all those things accrue and can cause you problems.

I know, grim isn't it? I couldn't live without my bacon sandwich!!

Things may not be as bad as they seem though. It seems likely that the bigger picture may not be the actual meats, more the additives and preservatives in them.

Perhaps you know an organic pork butcher? How good would that be?!

Additives are often a big part of food allergies, and even the slightest adjustment to a small butcher rather than the mass produced chainstores. Is it possibly time to find a farmers market, do you think?

In the grander scheme of things, it has to be better to support smallholdings anyway, and in my opinion the bacon bears no resemblence to the vaccuum packed stuff in the supermarket.

Well, that's a glass half full attitude but even cutting down a small amount each week will give your body a bigger fighting chance.


I know I am the messanger of doom again, I'm sorry!

But the truth of it is that alcohol is an absolute bane to psoriasis sufferers. The worst will definitely be red wine but all the wheat based ones can be a problem too, so lager, whisky etc.

To be honest with you, it is easy to read a persons drinking habits through their psoriasis. Somehow, a drinkers psoriasis appears more red and angry.

Again, I would never say give it up completely...because life is supposed to be a bit of a party isn't it?

Still it's worth keeping a food diary to try to identify any trends. It's worth visiting my page on eczema food triggers to find out more about how combinations of foods can be a problem too.

In fact arming yourself with the effects of food allergies probably wouldn't hurt either. That is in effect what we are dealing with after all, psoriasis and diet intolerances.

In the same vein of additives... Lay off the fizzy drinks. Apart from the fact they have no nutritional value whatsoever they are jam packed with all sorts of nasties.

Going back to the citrus fruit now, you need to watch your levels of acid. In the my page about psoriasis causes I noted that about 15% of psoriasis sufferers also have a strain of arthritis.

Its worth visiting my page on how to manage joint pain to cross reference with the diet for psoriasis.

The main thing to know here is that acid with happily feed and alter its strucure to become uric acid - the main cause of the pain.

Actually a good tip I learned about psoriasis and diet is the relationship between acid and alkali. Psoriasis cases the body to react to acid, hence the citrus fruit and the uric acid connection.

Redressing the balance is a good part of the treatment here.


I can hear you squirming from here, everyone seems to and I don't get it! I always nicked a raw chip when mum was peeling potatoes when I was a kid...I still do!

Bloomin' luvlee!!

Raw potato is extremely alkaline and so having a small amount a couple of times a week to redresses the acid/alkali balance.

I had a patient complain about me once because I wasn't clear enough about how much so to cover myself no I am going to say... 25-30g should do it.

Try it - it's really OK!

What I must stress is that when you are thinking about ways to manage your psoriasis and diet changes that you are planning to make...take a step back.

Look at objectively.

Don't go in with both feet and cut out all meat if you are used to eating it...your body needs the amino acids. Reduce in moderation please.

You may want to consider a gluten free diet, this has had some good publicity but I have not known anyone try it myself. Likewise dairy prodducts can be problematic to some people. Neither of these are considered to be the main protagonists though.

Like evey case though, each patient is difference. I would always recommend approaching it in a logical and experiemntal fashion. Get a little notebook and keep a note of what you are eatin and when it flares up. Your psoriasis and diet triggers could be completely unique to you.

Look for trends.

Another tip that I can give you is something that seems to have a high number of hits on the net, and that is turmeric. Apparently having it in curries etc, fortifies the system and there does seem to be quite a few people that attest to it. I haven't however found a single post that can tell me why. I suppose it does have anti-inflammatory qualities.

Just a thought, I would be interested in anyone that can tell me how they got on if they have tried it!

I suppose the best advice I can give you about psoriasis and diet changes generally is up your water intake. Flushing out the toxins in your body and really hydrating the skin will make all the other changes so much more effective.

Get Drinking!

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