"Stop Worrying!"
The Side Effects
Of Essential Oil Treatments
Are Just Peace Of Mind
And Better Health.

Worried about the side effects of your treatment, or perhaps you are anxious about giving up your treatment from the doctor?

I understand your concerns.

I would be too.

In fact there is big reassurance in better the devil you know, but more than that.....it would be irresponsible to just ignore the doctor’s medicinal knowledge.

No problem at all.

Essential oil treatments are so dependable because they work through a totally different body system to the one that your doctor’s medicinal cream or pills are working. You can rest assured that the effects will be just as impressive if the oils are working alongside other treatments.

Don't forget either, that some of the most powerful drugs in the doctor’s toolkit originally came from plant essences. Morphine came from the humble poppy plant originally. And what about digitalis.....so important for heart patients?

In actual fact, this is probably the fundamental point when natural remedies and traditional medicine separated. Aromatherapy uses the whole plant extract for treatment, allopathic medicine uses just isolated parts and replicates them.

So let's have a look at what happened. We'll take morphine as our example.

If you analyse how the extract of a plant is made up, it can be broken down into many, many components. You can find all sorts of acids, alcohols terpenes etc. We call these chemical constituents, and each one of these constituents does a very important job for the plant. That is, it will have an effect.

Morphine is an alkaloid that exists in the poppy plant. In 1804 a man called Friedrich Súrterner identified this constituent as a very powerful pain killer. He set to work to create drug that would act as an analgesic but also would be used in the treatment of opium and alcohol abuse.

The analgesic was of course successful but as we know the side effects of the morphine were that it was in itself far more addictive and in fact it is alleged that in the American Civil War over 400,000 soldiers were suffering from morphine addiction.

The fact is that by isolating the constituents of a plant, and not using the whole one, scientists can make the medicine unstable. Natural products take advantage of the many main effects of oil.... complementary medicine is all about holistic approach.

What this actually means then is that natural products do not the side effects that can be so dangerous....just many main effects. Your body will use the effects of the plant that it needs....and just flush the rest away as waste.

Isn't that more reassuring than that long list of warnings about the side effects you can expect that you got on the pamphlet in your box of tricks from the chemist?

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