Give Allergies The Push...Today.

Allergies underlie many of the conditions that we talk about on this site. Eczema, Hay fever and migraine most definately have direct relationships with them.

Aromatherapy will always look at the "Bigger Picture" of an illness. Not just at your symptoms but where did they come from? We try to treat the root cause.

Remember that essential oils have many main effects so we can treat you from many different angles.

This is when aromatherapy starts to become a really remarkable medicine.

So lets break it down then, I suppose the best place to start is

What causes allergies?

In a food allergy:

Your immune system mistakes a harmless substance in the food as being something damaging.

It secretes antibodies, known as immunoglobulin.

Antibodies defend the body against outside invaders.

In order to protect the body from future threat, these antibodies flush around the circulatory system and attach themselves to immune cells called masts. Together they produce and release chemicals that cause the unpleasant allergy symptoms like inflammation or itching. The best known of these being histamine.

Hayfever, and irritation from things like dust mites or cat hairs work in exactly the same way.

But why do only some people get allergies?

To be honest the truth is that the root of an allergy is complicated and can be down to any number of things.

There is no straight forward answer but understanding why they happen could give you an insight into what is happening.

Many authorities believe that when we suffer some kind of trauma in our lives then the memory of it is stored in the tissues of our bodies, which in time can throw up symptoms of an allergy.

It's a fascinating theory but one that I always struggled to fully understand clearly. That was until I read a detailed account by the Institute of Integrative Healthcare Studies about it, and the penny kind of dropped. Thanks to them for this brilliant page.

It gives a really detailed account about how the actual trauma comes to lodge itself in organ and starts your body to dysfuction.

It’s clear that when we have a shock or upset then our physiological response is to secrete more adrenaline, but amazingly our bodies are intelligent enough to know that sometimes the shock will be too much for us to handle, so it cuts the response completely dead in its tracks.

Consequently of course the hormones - and the energy itself- have nowhere to go and lodge into the surrounding tissues.

The more traumatic the event the worse the effects - this page talks about how memories of abuse can manifest themselves,

Once lodged in an organ, and the main victims tend to be liver and kidneys, they will slowly over time start to very slightly dysfunction.

Imagine it carrying the baggage of the trauma, if you will. In time, it is bound to get tired.

As dysfunction levels gradually subside then toxicity levels will progressively rise.

Try to envisage your liver with the capacity to work at 100% efficiency - now, as the seesaw moves, and dysfunction brings its capability down to just 80%, your toxicity levels have already risen to 20%

Your main organ to struggle, as I said, is your liver, but as it begins to become overloaded the kidneys and the adrenals start to take the strain. Subsequently they too, exhaust. The allergy is thrown up as a symptom of this. Just as likely it could also manifest itself as a different symptom, quite often ones that are exacerbated by stress. Essential oils can definately be of help to reduce the toxicity and drive the performance of the organ back up again, thus reducing the symptoms.

Muscle memory is a hard theory to swallow I think, until you consider how athletes train. Undoubtably their muscles hold onto the effects of their most impressive performance and will always attempt to perform to that level.

On a more personal level, I trained in ballet until I was 20. My body still remembers the techniques that I drilled into it, even though my suppleness and stamina have left me. I can still perform arabesques and pirouettes to a lesser standard- but will always pay dearly for it the next day. The memory is still stored in the fibres of my muscles, but the strength left me long ago!

Certainly if you massage someone, there is a possibility that by working the muscle you will disturb a trauma, and have a poor confused patient on your couch, crying their eyes out, but not sure why!

It can be really upsetting but the intriguing part of therapy only just begins then.

What happens when the trauma has been dislodged?

Well no-one can ever predict.

Perhaps the allergy is released, and life is now very simple.

Maybe the allergy is released but then throws up another symptom in it's place. Significantly dysfunction of the liver can underlie many, many conditions so it's not so difficult for another to manifest.

More fascinating though is when the release of a trauma provokes the patient to revisit those emotions. In many cases their perception to their condition of the people around them alters. Events can take a dramatic turn and just maybe a person will start to stand up to an obvious aggressor, or argue with people around them. Induced to release this surge of emotions, they may confront what created the trauma in the first place.

Fascinating certainly. Over simplified? Most definitely. Every person will react in a different way. To some the effects can be life changing, for others there may be no outward signs at all.

Responsibility dictates that even using essential oils to support the emotional turmoil here, a counsellor or psychotherapist would be an effective course of treatment. After all Who knows where this could lead, and to be honest it's the job of a qualified expert.

Other physiological factors of an allergy are

Evidence of deficiencies of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium in the intestinal tract.

Candida Albacans and also parasites can also underlie reactions.

Allergy patterns almost always show signs of reduced hydrochloric acid production too. This is of paramount importance to the way that we absorb food into our cells and tissues. Another factor in how food intollerances can trigger conditions like migraine and eczema. In these situations, of course

vitamin therapy can be a fantastic tool to use to nourish the organs.

Acupressure can also be an enormous benefit in the fight against allergies. By stimulating the meridians to the liver and the kidneys we can drain and cleanse the organs but also encourage healthier function.

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