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Chakra Balancer Oil

Once you decide to use a chakra balancer, you have made the first step on a wonderful journey to health. Perhaps to the healthest you have ever felt in your life before.

For this is not physical health, it is a radiant happiness and ease with yourself and your place in the universe.

For most people aligning chakras feels like the most remarkable thing they have ever done.

They feel lighter of worry, They feel dominant of the direction of their life direction. They feel in control again

And it feels so good!.

Its so easy... you can take control of your health and happiness so easily and quickly by just using our Chakra Balancing Massage Oil.

Choosing a massage oil of essential oils means you can use a chakra balancer at any time easily and discretely.

The Chakra Balancing Oil is designed for you to use as a regular application to bring your health to the very best level that you can.

You see with every chakra spinning in time, open and closed

You can feel the very best you can feel.

Calm, eased and healthy.

Easily accessible as a general "medicine" this means that you can carry it with you as an emergency measure without having to have any other special equipment.

Let me tell you how this works, and actually I still think this is pretty phenomenal that we can mend our bodies in this way.

But it works.

As you will know by now, essential oils are capable of absorbing through the skin and into the blood stream, where they circulate to the organs thoughout. They also evaporate into the air and we breathe them in sending messages to our olfactory system and from there, to our brains.

Because the chakras permeate right through the body, from front to back, they pass through these organs and then extend outside of the body through each of the etheric bodies (layers of the aura).

Each essential oil has its own vibrations, for example rose oil vibrates at 320Hz, the highest and fastest frequency, in line with the vibrations of the crown chakra.

The vibration of the essential oil pervades the physical body and them ripples effects through each of the etheric bodies (aura layers) in turn.

A Blend Of 11 Essential Oils


Crown Chakra - Nutmeg

Pineal Chakra - Violet Leaf Throat Chakra - Lavender

Heart Chakra - Rose Geranium Solar Plexus Chakra - Tagetes

Sacral Chakra - Hyacinth

Base Chakra - Neroli

The oils work together, in this particular chakra balancer treatement, to get every chakra spinning open and closed. They align chakras in a way that the Colours are bright and the chakra locations are locked into place.They pull the line tightly together so that each is in harmony with the others.

Now, how much you choose to use of the massage oil is up to you.

The oils are blended into a lovely blend of Camellia and Jojoba carrier oils there are no concerns about the oils being used on the skin.

You may want to use it each day by rubbing a fingerful of oil onto the inside of your wrist where the blue veins show through your skin. Such a good blood supply means that you can just keep topping up the essential oils into your bloodsteam with just the smallest amounts.

For a wonderful treat though, use a much larger amount in a luxurious back massage or a pampering leg massage. In fact any kind of massage at all.

Pour a few drops in the bath, if you like. The oil will just float on the top of the water, cling to your skin and work in exactly the same fact better in some ways if you think about how fast it will get into those warmth-opened pores. (Be aware of the oil slick that you will get though - make sure you have a bottle of bathroom cleaner handy if you use your chakra balancer this way).

And finally, a couple of drops in your oil burner or diffuser in the room either when you are meditation or even just in the room, will help you with aligning chakras too.

100mls £15.00 + £4 p+p

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