Adrenal Gland Symptoms

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Adrenal gland symptoms can often be the signals of how extensively your body is suffering from the effects of stress.


Those symptoms are only the beginning of a cataclysmic domino effect of imbalances in the body leading to any number of illnesses.

In actual fact adrenal gland symptoms are quite easy to spot, here are some pointers.

Overwhelming tiredness and general fatigue.

Feeling lightheaded or a little dizzy if you stand up too quickly

Sugar Cravings and becoming emotional after consuming simple or complex carbohydrates - so sweets and bread, pasta etc


Not being able to hold your drink anymore

Problems with low blood sugar - Hypoglycaemia

Being hungry all of the time

Poor immune system

Very severe infections

Prone to allergies, especially to airborne and food allergens

Very dry or papery skin and skin problems

Low blood pressure



Dark circles appearing under your eyes

Poor memory ability


Inability to gain weight

Nervous and emotional problems such as fear and depression

Low sex drive


Tenderness over the adrenal area.

Hypo-adrenia or adrenal gland symptoms of them being overworked, are usually found when I treat people with allergies, reactive hypoglycemias, immune sufficiences, menopausal hot flushes and adrenal glands and stress are pretty much always related.

Because they are so closely aligned with other glands of the endocrine system, that is governing the hormone systems, it is important that we always treat the adrenal symptoms in conjunction with oils that will support the pituitary and thyroid glands too.

Hypo-adrenia or exhausted adrenals of course then cannot manufacture their hormones to the levels that they need to so long term low adrenals will slowly grind the body to a worn out halt.

The spiritual aspects of healing adrenal gland symptoms in stress.

As usual I think it is important to look at the spiritual aspects that are coming to play in when we are looking at adrenal symptoms and stress.

Consider this.

adrenal glands symptoms aries

The adrenals are ruled by Mars, who is the god of war, pestilence and iron.

Mars also rules male sexuality and sport.

Mars rules Aries which is the sign of creative action. In same way as the adrenaline works when it kicks in in times of stress...Nothing stands in its way. Mars goes straight to the centre of the problem.

Remember that Aries is a ram with his head bunched in and ready butt anything in its way.

But on the other hand Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, synonomous with the baby. They are therefore, very self-centred and find it difficult to see other peoples point of view.

Emotional difficulties of this kind can lead to adrenal problems. As usual it is very difficult to see these kind of traits in ourselves, no-one wants to look in the mirror and sees an "ugly image". The truth is that we are talking about the smallest aspect of someones personality. It could be only related with one certain situation in the persons life that causes these traits. Often it could be easier for an outsider to see these qualities.

How to heal the adrenals using essential oils.

If you haven't already read it, I would recommend reading this adrenal fatigue symptoms page, it will help you to put all of the adrenal gland symptoms into context.

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