Natural Adrenal Support

Essential Oils For The Adrenals, Pituitary and Thyroid Glands

Natural adrenal support can be achieved through a compination of essential oils and vitamin therapy. First it is important that you understand exactly how the what the different parts of adrenal glands do in particular the adrenal cortex, how they are affected by stress and how they create a domino effect with other organs such as the liver, pituitary and thyroid.

Its quite terrifying when you start to see how these things start to stack up. The adrenals are constantly in a state of fight or flight so they keep on secreting glucocorticoids. These hormones send messages to the liver to change the enzyme glycogen into glucose.

The pancreas is affected by the levels of glucose and the possibility of diabetes gets higher.

When I see a patient, they are often interested to understand why healing can take a little while and I may want to see them a number of time.

This is the crux of how to heal a patient with aromatherapy. In the same way that there are layers up on layers of dysfunction that lead to the dis-ease, we have to peel them back one by one, like an onion.

The Steps of Natural Adrenal Support Care.

Support the adrenals.

Cleanse the liver.

Nourish the liver.

Identify emotional and spiritual discomforts that may be coming into play.

Treat the outward symptoms.

Natural Adrenal Support Using Essential Oils.

So at the start of the healing we begin by choosing oils to support the fatigued adrenals.

Its worth mentioning here to consider how the treatment will be done. You could focus on the entire treatment being about the adrenals and so could make a blend of the mentioned oils. Just as good could be to take one or two of the oils and blend them into your treatment for eczema/migraine/stress - whichever is appropriate.

Camomile moroccan would be the obvious choice in most cases since it has the soothing properties but get creative. Learn to blend oils and you will find you have superb results.

My favourite choice is mandarin, you will find that you start to get your own chosen oil.

Remember too, that in order to support the adrenals you need to think about oils for the pituitary and thyroid too, to obtain your balance. are the oils:

Camomile Morrocan, Birch, Black Pepper, Ginger, Mandarin, Petitgrain.

Nutmeg, Aniseed.

Bergamot, Carrot.

I can also give you oils to balance Glucocorticoids, but really I would only go as deeply into this if the adrenals seemed to be the actual problem rather than a part of the problem.

This was one of the main areas of Michael's work when he was alive so these are from his dowsing research notes. The percentages show to what degree the oil will be efficient in remedying the condition.

Hyssop 90%
Rose Geranium 60%
Lavandin 70%
Citronella 40%

Cleanse The Liver.

You will know by now that the glucocorticoids that the adrenals have been secreting put a lot of pressure on the liver.

As it starts to dysfunction, toxicity starts to build so...

Visit here for hepatic oils.

Nourish the Liver

Vitamin B Complex is desperately important so is large quantities of vitamin C.

Since the control of sodium is involved the whole absorbtion rates may be out of kilter.

Minerals: choline, and good herbals are liqorice and aniseed.

Diet should have protein in moderate quantities but also I always find that it is most effective if the patient increases their intake of raw food in fruit and vegtables.

Spiritual Aspects Of Natural Adrenal Support

If you feel that the problem with the adrenals comes from a spiritual disease rather than simply from on going stress you could consider using oils that are ruled by Mars.

For example:

Amber, Rosemary, Tea Tree

Check the flow of energy in the aura and chakras, especially the crown chakra

and the solar plexus chakra

Now...You can start on the outward symptoms.

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