What Are The Symptoms Of Tendonitis?

The symptoms of tendonitis are fairly straightforward if you are suffering from painful tendons or tendonitis then it probably seems almost insulting your intelligence.

But, I think if we can identify exactly what the symptoms of tendonitis are, and which ones you are experiencing the most and worst, it helps us get a long way to establishing how to best treat you.

First lets look at the pathology of the injury and lay it next to the symptoms and see where that takes us.

So we know that overuse or trauma can start off the problems but what happens next?

Well the first of the symptoms of tendonitis is part of the healing process.

The inflammation.

The inflammation stage usually begins in the first 23 hours after injury and gathers together all sorts of different red and white blood cells are attracted to the site of the injury to try to start the repair process. The process of growing new blood cells to help the process begins, and the body begins to remove any dead or necrotic cells from around the injury.

The tenocytes, the tendon cells which are responsible for the healthy regeneration, begin to synthesize huge levels of new collagen and will continue this process for about 6 weeks.

After the repair stage, the body starts to try to remodel the collagen it has formed and changes it into the more fibrous tissue, which becomes striated and starts to follow the lines of the stress that it needs to endure.

It will take between 6-10 weeks from the injury time to get to this stage of strong elongated fibres that work as they should. After about a period of ayear the fibres will almost look like scar tissue.

Although the symptoms of tendonitis do subside certainly a fair amount of tendonitis relief can be achieved, the tendon will most likely never be quite as strong and effective as it once was.

Healing tendonitis pain and inflammation though is certainly possible with essential oils.

The main symptoms of tendonitis to look out for.

Painful tendon when it is under pressure.
- So for example if you are running you may feel it in your achilles tendon. For deltoid tendonitis you may find that playing the violin creates a painful tendon on your shoulder or upper arm. For tennis elbow or tendonitis in the elbow you may find of course that tennis isn't great obviously but maybe neither is cleaning the window.

You may notice that the area is a little inflamed after activity.

You may have a "burning sensation".
(I can't quite type that without it sounding like Eddie Murphy talking to the doctor in his Raw video about going for a wee! Not quite the same kind as he is describing thank goodness- very rude sorry!)

Painful tendon when it is touched.
This is a big one for me after doing ballet for so many years, my achilles tendon can feel like someone is dragging a razor blade down it sometimes.

Its more painful and less flexible in the morning or evening.

Lumps and Bumps over the tendon?
That could be an indication that calcification has started. Things need to be looked at straight away in this case.

Ok, I know that some days all we do is creak - but it may be that your tendon is creaking because the tendon sheath has thickened.
Your doctor will do an overview of these symptoms, and make a diagnosis.

If there is any doubt then he could do an xray or an MRI to check out calcification and see if there are any deposits on the tendon.

Let's look how essential oils can ease the symptoms of tendonitis.

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