A Natural Remedy For Tendonitis,

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Bursitis, Repetitive Strain Injury, & Frozen Shoulder

Joint Inflammation Ointment.

Gentle, Yet Super Strong.

A natural remedy for tendonitis using the very purest essential oils.

If you are suffering, limping or flinching with pain, you have just found the answer to your prayers.

This powerful ointment containing Lavender and Roman Camomile oils will bring fast relief any areas where you are struggling with joint pain, stiffness and inflammation.

Apart their from exceptional painkilling abilities, both these oils also have gentle anti -inflammatory properties. Together they work alongside the much stronger Juniper oil creating a remarkable blend of oils that will really calm your inflamed joints down.

This natural remedy for tendonitis calms each of the symptoms that are causes of tendonitis agony.

It's startling how quickly you begin to feel better!

Not only that... The Juniper oil actually washes out the toxins and accumulated fluids that are causing you so much pain and swelling and flushes them completely out of your system.

Frankincense oil makes an amazing contribution to this treatment, restoring strength, spring and elasticity to the tendons. Making them gradually more flexible, more supple and more stretchy,

You'll regain a huge amount of mobility because of this oil and that will be a huge benefit when it comes to saying good bye to that morning and evening stiffness.

Lastly a lovely thick oil called benzoin, which is made from a resin, gets right into the joint and clleanses it of all the toxins and all the poisons and cleanse it so that the joint can begin to repair and heal itself.

So... with this Joint Inflammation Ointment...a totally natural remedy for tendonitis you can say

Goodbye to that searing pain.

Goodbye to the swelling and inflammation.

Goodbye to that stiffness.

But there's more.....

Take all of these oils and use them a different way and you have an equally effective

Natural Treatment For Bursitis
Frozen Shoulder Or Even RSI.

In the same way the oils will cleanse the joint.

As a bursitis natural treatment it will restore the flexililty and ease the pain.

This natural treatment for bursitis will best of all reduce that swelling and start to repair your knee for good.

A magical treatment....

And remember... you don't need to worry about the side effects of aromatherapy treatments, they are all perfectly safe. Like all natural products from The Apothecary, amazingly the essential oils in the ointment will absorb straight through the pores of your skin and flush to every parts of your body. Just a finger full of ointment at a time is all you need to send these wonderful oils rushing through your body to treat the your entire system.

So what are you waiting for?

Surely it's time to really attack this pain and send it packing?

In no time you will be back doing what you love best

Whether it be

Playing golf

Weeding the garden

playing tennis

Or in my case ....kneeling down to bath the baby.

without worrying about the pain.

Just rub on three times a day, onto the where you have the worse joint pain. Remember though, that wherever you choose to apply it, the beneficial qualities will work from your inside out and treat all your other lesser painful joints.

This natural remedy for tendonitis is completely handmade by The Apothecary using pure essential oils.

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