Jasmine Officinale
King of Oils



Jasmin or Jasmine

Jasmine officinale,Jasminum officinale, Sambac jasmine and Jasminum grandiflorum

Known as the King of Oils

Flowers are gathered at nights and are left on cotton cloths soaked in oilve oil untill all the oil is extracted. The oilve oil is then extracted with spirits.

Beneficial uses and properties

Aphrodisiac - can help with both impotence and frigidity.

Anti depressant

Coughs with catarrh abd chest infections

Good for hot sensitive skins.

Valuable uterine tonic - menstrual cramps and pain.

helpful in childbirth - relieves pain and strengthens contractions and will help with the expulsion of the placenta.

Strengthens male organs and can help with enlargement of the prostate gland.

Chemical Constituents.

methyl anthranilate, undol, benzyl, alcohol, benzyl acetate, linalol, linalyl acetate.

We use Jasmine officinale more than the others in our products. Most gorgeous is the perfume... Back to home