One Of The Most Important of
The Rose Oil Uses Is As A
Natural Depression Treatment

One of the main rose oil uses is as a natural depression treatment, in particular depression in women, because of it's many gyneacological uses. However, on an emotional level, men will also benefit a great deal from the effects of rose oil.

It has an affinity with the heart and emotions that pertain to the heart. Sadness, grief, loss & low self esteem are all helped by this beautiful oil.

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Some scripts describe it as bringing warmth to the soul and I think that it is an apt description. Somehow it helps to bring about a cosy warm glow - for those who are familiar it reminds me of the Ready-brek advert!

It's strength as a natural depression treatment comes from the way that it restores the Heart Chakra At times of worry and stress, chakras can become jammed open or closed when they should be pulsating regulary, stabilising the emotions and maintaining the physical body.

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It's that opening and closing correctly that keeps us healthy.

The worst case scenario of the heart chakra jamming open when someone has overwhelming outpouring of grief is a heart attack and that is more common than we would give it credit for.

Or just simply giving up after a partner or child has died, to "die of a broken heart", to no longer have the fight needed to keep on living is not only tragic, it is also common

So rose oil charges the heart chakra, kick starting it, persuading it to work effectively and encouraging your inner spirit to get up and fight again.

Like every aromatherapy oil that can be used as a natural depression treatment it is gentle but so, so powerful.

Rose oil uses all its resources to bring sadness and grief to pass. It acts as an interfact between psychological effects and emotions. It balances the mind a little to tip it to see things more positively. It helps put a little distance between the bitter pain that grieving brings. It soothes the terrifying fear that can overwhelm you after a dramatic life change.

Sometimes in the storms of life, we take knocks. Not just to our mood but our self esteem and confidence can take a bashing too. Decisions and actions that once seemed so easy and mundane, can suddenly seem like climbing Everest. Rose oil is very good at delivering equilibrium so slowly and gradually your perceptions take on some kind of normalcy again.

In all of our lives there are times of turbulence.

Mine started in '96, after my marriage broke down and I started to see the most charming man. A man who, 6 months later, revealed himself to be the most dangerous monster. His violence lasted 8 years, and I was so low, so beaten down that I took it.

When finally I left, the healing process took a really sinister turn. All those years of hiding such a humiliating secret, protecting the children in such a warped and twisted way and simply trying to keep each day on an even keel, finally began to shatter.

I was a mere shadow of who I had been.

My self image was so distorted and I just wanted to go to sleep and not wake up.

Each morning when I opened my eyes, there was this crushing fear, not just that he'd come back but just fear of .....nothing.

No, everything. I'd be fine at work, I could block out the anxiety that felt like a huge gaping hole in my chest. I can't tell you how tortuous it felt knowing that I had rid my life of so much terrible evil, and yet I missed him so much.

The guilt of what I had put the children through was all consuming and I was just so confused. Somehow the horror was a crutch and I started to fall apart when it was over. rose oil uses depression

I started to have dreadful waking nightmares that I was cutting my wrists, slowly with a blade and I would watch the blood slowly pour out. I would be completely awake but I could see this vision over and over and somehow it calmed me.

In the day I had my hallucination, I could cope in the evenings too but then I would wake in the night with this wide eyed terror.

Something had to give.
Counselling helped me a great deal, and very quickly. As soon as I realised that my perceptions had altered, I sought help and began to use rose oil extremely extravagantly.

I used it in every cream that I used, in the bath, in a burner, I even filled the house with roses just to have the vibration around me.

I needed to soak up every single one of the rose oil uses and properties.

It became a lifeline.

Although as a scholar I knew what the rose oil uses were, as a patient I was startled by the intensity of its healing powers. I think it is only in retrospect, several years later that I can see just how effective a treatment it was.

First of all from as aspect of self esteem. I wrote a poem that described how I felt when I looked in the mirror. The person that looked back at me bore no resemblance to the woman that I had once been. I was so washed out. I had such a low opinion of myself, partly from the brainwashing he had given me, but mainly from the guilt that I felt. I felt that I had failed my children as a mother but really believed that no other man would want me. That I was convinced I was useless and my life was tantamount to over.

Rose oil uses sexuality as a vital part of healing. That's why it is such a valuable tool in depression and women.

Within a few weeks of saturating myself in rose oil, I started to feel that inner glimmer that you start to feel when you are single. That slight bubbling excitement and coquettishness that other single women dread seeing around them.

I started feel that I might be a catch again.

Hard though, because I had six months of whirlwind bliss before the monster showed his face. Trusting that not everyone's hiding a dark secret was and is very hard.

Again rose oil uses a very careful balancing trick that really helped me. It nurtures you to makes you feel safe which makes loving someone back so much easier.

Its a very peaceful oil. Quiet. Just what I needed.

I can remember that everything around me seemed to be so loud and dischordant, I felt claustrauphobic everywhere and I felt like people were shouting and crashing around me all of the time. When I blew out the candles on my birthday cake three weeks after I had left it was easy to know what to wish for.

I just wanted to be calm.

To feel calm, and to have calm around me.

I just wanted to lie on a carpet made up of fresh white rose petals and be left there.

I suppose in my own way I was grieving. For what I had lost, but for what might have been too.

But most of all I was angry. I was furious that he had done all of this to me, but more angry at myself for letting it happen, convincing myself that I was the one who could make him change and for so long.

In fact angry doesn't even begin to describe the burning fury that I had inside of me. I was totally incandescent with rage.

I would sit in my bath and cry and then I would have this huge scream that would burst from my mouth, and I would yell and yell for minutes at a time when I was alone in the house. The way that it helped me to release all that anger is probably the one of the rose oil uses that I am most grateful for.

Lord knows what all that anger would have done if I had forced it down .

Well I am sure that you don't want hear any more horrors of domestic violence else can I show you how to use rose oil uses for the motions I wonder?

I came across this lovely article recently about the 7 stages of grief and it struck me that each of the rose oil uses corresponds to a place in the process

The seven stages of grief being as follows

1 Shock and Denial
2 Pain and Guilt
3 Anger and Bargaining
4 Depression, reflection and loneliness
5 The upward turn
6 Reconstruction
7 Acceptance and Hope.

I would put treating grief as one of the primary rose oil uses.

A Synopsis of Rose Oil Uses For Emotional Strength

Helps to alleviate :Sadness, Grief, Loss & Anger

As it has such strong links with gyneacology and the womb, it plays a very powerful part in treating postnatal depression.

It helps you to rebuild self esteem.

It is self-nurturing and helps you to rediscover self worth.

It helps your to process thoughts in a more positive manner reducing fear, shock and anxiety.

It is comforting, peaceful and healing.

It balances the yin energy of the body relating to the heart.

Of all the essential oils we know of it vibrates on the very highest frequency at 320hz. In laymans terms this means that it is probably the most effective healer that we can find because it connects the emotions with the spirituality.

An obvious conclusion though is that it is to do with sadness and it is to do with love.

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