How To Get Perfect Skin
With Your Own Prescription Skin Creams.

What would prescription skin creams mean for you?

Only you can answer that, because it is different for everyone....

That’s the point.

For you it could mean smiling in the mirror because there are no blackheads left.

For me it means I can use beautiful creams that smell delicious and not worry that they will affect my eczema because we have blended in formula number 10.

If the woman next door used it, she would definitely look better with less nicotine there is on her skin...but she doesn't.

So... (Meouw!)

For my man Darrell probably means more room in the bathroom cupboard for a start, I suppose if I paid for my creams it would be how much money we had saved but that only applies to you! That’s certainly a thing to think about though isn’t it.... you could spend a fortune if you wanted to.

Imagine it though, just one set of cleanser, toner and moisturiser, that deal with all your skin problems...whatever they are.

Disappointingly though if you do decide to start using prescriptioon skin creams, your skin care will take a lot less time.

A complete facial will take you...well two minutes tops really, so don't expect to languish for hours pampering!

(Of course if you are a facials junkie like me you can always exfoliate with facial massage treatments, or rose masques ... All of which I could add your formulae to, if you wanted)

That's the joy of an aromatherapy skin care product's so flexible.

Having said that one of the common mistakes that novice therapist make is putting far too much oil in a blend, so that it smells dreadful but is too strong for your skin and does it not good at all.

So how are we able to treat so many conditions without "overdosing"?

Well I'll let you into a little secret...we cheat so you can win!

Since we treat so many people's skin we have been able to blend together lots of oils into the formulae and then just use a couple of the drops in your cream so you have the effects working in your bloodstream without overpowering the cream. You just get the most miniscule amounts to do a huge amount of work.

That is really important too because I don't want to take your attention away from how beautiful these prescription skin creams really are.

They are made from really magnificent plants and resins, and the very finest versions of the oils available.

They smell divine but they feel luscious on your skin too.

Now if we tell the absolute truth your cream is not unique, but the chances of anyone having exactly the same prescription skin cream as you are....

Wait for it....

Drum roll for my fantastic maths wizard kids and Aimée’s wonderful pink calculator

786,456 to one.

Incredible isn't it?

It’s a shame you can't get odds like that on the horse racing! Well you might get them on a three legged donkey but not for the very best thoroughbred .

And that’s what a prescription skin cream is... a complete thoroughbred.

I can't see Superdrug ever making millions from it can you? That’s a heck of a lot of different types of pots on the shelf.

But that is irrelevant because it will work for you.

More than work in fact.

What’s more I know that I shall get orders from your friends because they can see such a difference in your skin.

I know that making your pot of cream will eventually be worth many thousands of pounds in orders for me and then I can buy my house in France and we will both be happy then, won't we!

So here is your list of different formulae that you can add to your prescription skin creams:-

Note down the number that applies to your skin.

1. Dehydrated or Mature skin

2. Environmentally Damaged
Or Smoker

3. Broken Capillaries

4. Whiteheads

5. Blackheads.

6. Spots

7. Puffy or Hydrated Skin

8. Open Pores

9. Lost Bloom After Illness

10. Hyperallergenic

11. Lost Elasticity

12. Seborrhoea

13. Cold Sores

14. Combination Skin

15. Inflamed Skin

When you click add to cart against your skin care base there is a box for you to note down which formulae you want us to add in.

Having your product made into prescription skin creams will not cost you a penny more.

EG Rose and Ylang Ylang Moisturiser - £23

Formula 1, 8, 10 added - No charge

£4 postage and packing.

You have the best moisturizer for dry skin, but with benefits.

And more importantly for less than £30!

Only £27 with your postage included.

That’s £5 less than Clarins’ best moisturizer for dry skin and a whopping £8.50 less than Lancôme and I haven't even added their massive shipping fees into that.

To my mind there is no choice.

Why have designer when you can have Couture.

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