What Are Whiteheads Going To Look Like
On That Important Date?

Use This Formula And You May
Never Have To Find Out.

Struggling with whiteheads?

Well it seems to be a common enough problem so I decided to find out

What are they exactly?

Strictly speaking it is actually called a comedone, and is in effect the same thing as a blackhead, just a different colour. They happen because sebum becomes trapped in a hair follicle. The difference is that where the pores of a blackhead stay open and oxide and change colour, if the pimple has a layer of skin over it, it keeps it white.

If you want to remove them the temptation is to try to burst them but this formulae will do all the work from the inside for you. Cleaning the pores and reducing the compacted sebum from under the skin.

Tiny amounts of cleansing and antibiotic oils will make your skin not only clearer but also smoother. Simply choose the best moisturiser for your skin, then tell us all about your skin problems and we will get to work on creating a prescription blend not only for your whiteheads but specifically for your skin.

All you pay for is your moisturiser.

Your formulae are blended in absolutely free.

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