Do You Really Want Smokers Skin?
No Question Really Is There....?

Please note that this says smokers skin and environmentally damaged skin. Firstly smokers.

A smokers skin tend so be very dry, probably starting to get tough and wrinkly, and definately getting a dirty look to it.

For this particular formula, I would recommend that you will get the best effects from blending into an orange blossom base, simply because it is very good at softening the skin. This is probably one of the most complex natural dry skin remedies that you will ever use.

The chances are once you have tried it you will never want to use anything else

Carrot oil here is superb for cleansing all of that residue, cleaning the skin to lose that grimy appearance that people who have smoked for a long time can get.

Secondly what do we mean by environmentally damaged.

Do you work in an environment where there are loads of positive ions? Are you around computers, fluorescent lighting etc? We use cypress oil to neutralise the effects of these and you will be amazed how much everyday pollution comes off when you use it in your cleanser too!

Same applies to airborn pollution. We live by the M6 and sometimes you can forget what clean air is. Living in the Black Country can definitely have its disadvantages and pollution certainly one.

Think this one applies to you, too?

Tick your box

As I said I would definitely go for the Orange flower range if you are a smoker, otherwise take your pick! We will mix all of your other formulae into that.

Pick as many as you like, it won't cost you a penny more.

Ok, It's definitely time to get rid of my smokers skin, let me pick my skincare base.
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