A Hyperallergenic Treatment
For You Sensitive Souls Out There!

If you are unfortunate enough to have hyperallergenic skin, I would imagine you spend your life in a strange dilemma.

The marketplace seems to be full of hypoallergenic skin care products but if I had such sensitive reactive skin I think I would tend to veer away from trying new products.

A bit of a quandry really.

The other thing is..and I know its not a big thing but considering the products that I am surrounded with all the time..hypoallergenic soaps ar just not very pretty. They are all climical because they tend to be fragrance free and in my experience they are really drying too. When I come across skin sensitive to touch, it's owners have felt that they really have missed out on being able to actually choose their treatments.

If this describe yous...I am sorry! You have been dealt a cruel blow I think!

This formula will be a big help to you.

Not only will it build your resistence to all these triggers that are giving you flare ups. It gives to that power to choose which product you blend it into, but I would suggest that Rose and Violet range is the very gentlest and is definitely the most tender. If you are concerned about the fragrance, bear in mind that that these are not synthetic and so they are not your usual allergence. You can rest assured that the lovely scent, and it is delicious, absorbs away as soon as it disappears through your pores and into your blood stream.

Of course the biggest benefit is the price. This, again is a free formula, complimentary with your skincare product. You only pay for the base.

Your hyperallergenic formula can be blended into an of these bases.