Reduce Oily Skin, Gently
And Very, Very Quickly.

To reduce oily skin and get rid of seborrhoea you need to calm the hormone levels right down, and to do that we have designed a complex blend of oils including Ylang Ylang and Lavender.

My gorgeous favourite ylang-ylang is unrivalled for balancing hormone levels so your body discovers it correct levels of sebum production needed.

The very best oil to actually balance your sebum levels though, is lavender oil. Many people make the mistake of using lavender creams as moisturisers because they like the smell, and they pay a very high price. Lavender is without the best moisturizer for oily skin, but as drives the levels that the sebum is creating right down to a much lower level.

Any other skin type will become very dry, very quickly.

Use this formula if you need to reduce oily skin levels...slightly. If you have very oily skin, use the lavender moisturiser base.

And actually there is the absolute beauty of this system... this is a formula to just tweek things a bit.

Normally if you went to Boots or Superdrug and bought their best moisturizer for oily skin, you would more than likely find that after a few weeks your skin had gone too dry. Then you are off shopping for a pot to moisturise it and a cycle starts.

So with prescriptive skincare you end the soul destroying cycle...saving yourself an incalculable amount of money in the process.

In fact I can hear your credit card sighing a breath of relief already!!

Better than that though, think about that big wedding or special day coming up.

I bet you can't wait to look in the mirror and smile at the change!

Can you imagine, no greasy face staring back at you. No more shine on your skin. No more blackheads making it look dirty.

But best of all a clean face!.


Again, this is a formula that you probably want to blend with some others to get exactly the right prescriptive skincare product for you.

No problem at all.

Rest assured you will not pay a penny more. You only pay for your moisturiser, cleanser or whichever skincare base you choose.

The formulae that make it completely perfect for your skin... they are just a gift from me.

Remember if you really need to reduce oily skin levels badly...use a lavender base , but check them all out to see if you think another one suits you better.