Your Moisturiser Hydrates Dry Skin...
But Is That Really Enough?

Frankincense hydrates dry skin in a way that no other product ever could.

Essential oils for mature skin are plenty-fold but at the final test this particular essential oil is unrivalled. In fact we always used to laugh that the cream was as good as plastering Polyfilla on your face! So if the cracks are starting to show on your skin, panic not. For once nature is on your side! Doesnt merely hydrate your skin, it gradually restores elasticity to your skin. It reduces the sagginess, making it tighter, smoother and softer.

At the Apothecary we use a lot of natural dry skin remedies, rose, jasmine and geranium are all utilised in this blend. Then when you add them to the frankincense moisturiser their properties grow exponentially. (Choose which one you like but unless you have sensitive skin, acne or rosacea there should really be no need to choose any other)

I'll just remind you at this point, that this adding all these extra benefits will cost you nothing. Pay for your skin care product and we will blend this and any other formula into it as a complimentary gift for you.

Let's be fair, why would you choose an off the shelf preparation, when you can use a product that is made to suit your skin alone.

Now be certain that you choose the oil that hydrates dry skin in the best way for your own skin.
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