Not Just Gorgeous Skin
But This Could Also Be
Healing Time For Cold Sores!

When the healing time for cold sores can be anything up to ten days, can you really afford to ignore them?

If you are prone to them I am not going to promise we can cure you of that - I'm sure that you know that once you have that particular strain of the herpes simplex then, it's with you for good.

That’s why this particular free formula is so good for you. If you have read any more of my pages you may recall that the oils don't just stay in the skin they absorb into the blood stream and work from within. Antibiotic oils like tea tree and myrrh build up so that they can fight the antibodies when you start to get a flare up.

Fight the infection and that means that you will get far less outbreaks.

Of course if the oils are already starting to do their work before you actually realise that a sore has taken its grip, it stands to reason that you should also have reduced the healing time for cold sores considerably because the virus does not have so much strength.

Add to that the fact that Myrrh oil is our very best natural skin healer and you should realise that this is a pretty powerful tool for you!

In fact I have an old pot of our Face Protection Cream that I have the formula in (goodness knows why - it’s a funny thing to have put it in- but I use it when I feel the odd tingle and really gets rid of it quickly. I worked in an office for years and although I was pretty annoying about insisting on having the cup with my name on it, you could always guarantee that someone would be too lazy to wash theirs up and nick in it once in a while!

Boom! I've got another one!

Thank goodness for my magic little pot!

Let me re-iterate again that this formula can go into your skin treatment for free, just choose the base you want and note down its number for us.

Which is your best base to blend your cold sores treatment into?
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