Beat The Worlds Largest Zit
Into Submission...
Before The Party Starts!

Where is it then? the worlds largest zit? I bet I have had bigger on my chin in the past....or worse still on my nose!

When I was a teenager, at home zit remedies were basically a bottle of lavender oil stuck to my chin...and it wasn't too bad really.

It kind of controlled them but then I had fairly good skin anyway so it was more vanity than necessity.

When all said and done the spots just wouldn't cut it with my eighties big hair and black patent stilletoes, would they.

As the years have walked on, our treatments for pimples have become more complex. If you take white spots on face value, they are a different type of problem and need treating more acutely, and they have their own formula, as do blackheads.

If you have acne, you need to have a look at the moisturiser base and pick the jasmin one which is far stronger and will be more efficient for you.

This particular formula is if you normally have pretty OK skin, except that it that can read party invitations.

You know the sort... gets dressed up for the ocassion by providing you with the worlds largest zit!

Gosh I hate it when that happens.

Or the sort that smiles at you when you look in the mirror, and is adorned with a huge pimple waving a flag at the world saying..."Hi, I got my period today".

Honestly over the years I have had ones with heads big enough to wear their own hats - trust me I know what I am talking about.

Bottom line, this is not for really bad skin problems, it's just a fine polish on what is already good skin really. Having said that it is a fab insurance policy for that first date, I can tell you.

If you think that this may not be strong enough for you look at the other formulae to decide which one is right for your skin. problem.

This blend of essential oils including lavender bergamot and grapefruit regulate the sebum production and have antiseptic oils to keep your pores cleaner so they are much likely to get blocked.

Needless to say, if you want to, blend it with other formulae...and the cost still stays the same.

No charge, all you pay for is the base that it goes into. So say goodbye to the biggest pimple ever...he's someone elses problem now.

So come on then, the worlds largest zit is waving goodbye...all you have to do is decide which is the best prescriptives skincare base for us to put your formula into.