An Open Face is Attractive

Open Pores Are Not!

Treat Them For Free.

Lately when I think of open pores I think of the lovely scene in the café from the Sex in the City Series when the girls are confessing their secreat single behaviour. Beautiful Charlotte admits that she likes to spend an hour a night just looking at hers!

As if she would ever have any problems, for goodness sake, but at least I know its not just me now! ('Cos if it happens in SITC, then it must be true- it's real you know!)

Joking aside, I was shocked to find out that open skin pores can fill up will the waxy deposits that contribute to blackheads and whiteheads. That's the beginning of prematureaging girls...and that's a slippery slope to be going down.

(Let's be honest the rest of my figure is descending South with the signs of old age...

I can't risk my skin too.

Can you?

So don't forget you don't pay for this formula.

We will mix it into whichever skincare product that you want and get the myrtle essential oil blend into your skin.

Let's see how fast we see them reduce in size shall we?


So choose your skincare base and tick the open pores formua box now.
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