Interpretation Of
Orange Aura Color

I will begin by saying about the orange aura as I have on each of the aura color pages, that there is no set interpretation of a color. Each color can have as many different meanings as there are different people and so this is only to be seen as a guideline.

Orange is a color that is connected to material wealth. Having orange in your aura is a lovely healthy sign and it tends to mean that someone has done well in their life and they are pleased with what they have achieved.

As there are elements of red in the color orange you can also surmise that this is related in a way to power. It follows then that this color is likely to indicate that the person holds a position of responsibility, potentially even a managerial post.

I am tempted to use the word control, but that seems to have quite a negative connotation, so I shall say managing people.

A brighter orange of course contains the lovely tone of the yellow communication too.

This is a wonderfully persuasive color, very likeable.

It is the ambitious leader whose enthusiasm carries his staff along with him.

So as thwarted ambition starts to show itself the aura turns into a murky orange.

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