Violet Aura Color Interpretations

A violet aura is something that I have only seen rarely, and is the colour of a spiritual, very special destiny.

When I say violet aura, I am going to say that this would also encompass what you might call a purple aura or indeed an indigo aura. I feel that your interpretation is going to be very similar.

Remember that the meaning is going to be slightly different dependent on the person whose aura you see it in. There is no hard and fast interpretations, only guidelines, but with this color you know that you have caught a glimpse of someone really quite exceptional.

This vibrant violet aura color is extremely humanitarian. The person showing large amounts of this color is likely to be an extraordiary visionary and have a wonderful way of being able to inspire people in the very largest way. They have an inate ability of being able to see the future that they want to achieve almost as the present, construct it in their head and create the steps to be able to achieve it.

I suppose to best convey it, I would point you to Martin Luther- King's I have a dream speech, and how he relates that he has a dream Today. He portrays the vision as if it could be in the present.

He is a good example of the dynamism and charisma you can expect to find of this set of people. Determine and focused, but humane and benevolent, working for the greater good.

Their destiny is to do something very important. Significant.

One of the reasons why a violet aura type of person can have such life changing effects on the world is their love of being centre of attention.

They are happiest captivating a crowd, leading them with their oratory and whirling other people into their vision along with them.

They stand apart from other people often though, because deep down they feel very different from others. Somehow often they do not fit in. Whether they are in fact different, I suppose is subjective, but often they can feel very isolated from others in their childhood.

They have restless minds always eager to absorb new information, meet new challenges (or lobby for their existing ones) and love to travel to do this.

Independence of course if very important to a person that shows a great deal of violet in their aura, and often a solitary life may be needed for them to realise their goals.

Their deep compassion and ability to empathise makes them very well loved by many.

You would most likely find these shades in the very outer most reaches of the aura, being spiritual dimensions rather than more physical traits.

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