Clarification Of The Aura Definition

Let's start by looking up the official aura definition in the dictionary and work from there outwards, I think.

1. A distinctive air or quality considered to be characteristic of a person or thing

2. Any invisible emanation, such as a scent or odour

3. Pathol strange sensations, such as noises in the ears or flashes of light, that immediately precede an attack, esp of epilepsy

4. (In parapsychology) An invisible emanation produced by and surrounding a person or object: alleged to be discernible by individuals of supernormal sensibility

Oxford English Dictionary

Ok, so what is it we are seeing?

Well, I think it's quite fascinating really.

We all know that we have a physical body. We can touch it, and see it. So we can be absolutely certain that it is there.

But, what is really intriguing to me is that we all have at least one other body, and some people might even say that we have seven.

The etheric bodies, or the aura as you may know them, do not start on the outside of the body.

What it actally does is flow right the way through it, and is part of the physical body. Having said that, it is larger than the physical body and protrudes about eighteen inches from it all the way round.

The color and aura definition is dependent on how well the chakras vitalise the etheric bodies They strengthen and revitalise the aura.

But what exactly is the aura or as I have refered to.. the etheric bodies?

Let's just talk about what the etheric bodies are not, before we go any further, because I think that it will help to really nail the aura definition more succinctly for you.

The etheric body is not just what people say they have seen when they have seen a ghost. We can be sure of that because when the physical body dies, weknow that the etheric body will gradually die over a period of three days.

The etheric body is very much part of our earthly existence and seems to measure our emotions and personality.

There is a faction of thought that says that it is the etheric body that thinks and not the brain. This may well be so, because when watched clairvoyantly, the aura can be seen to change colour according to the emotions. It will turn olive green when a person is being deceitful and red when they are having a row. The study of the aura is still very much in its infancy so the more information we can find out the better, but most of what we surmise must be in the realms of hypothesis.

It does seem though that the aura pans out information which the brain cannot cope with. We know it is a protective mechanism around the physical body but it may be a protective emotional and intellectual net too. It is surmised that because we have many other bodies apart from the physical one, these bodies can accumulate a great deal of information from these levels of existence. The brain could not cope with all this information in one go, so the aura only lets through what we need to know. So if we can get to know and understand our auras, the chances are that much useful information will start to filter through, which otherwise would have been lost.

Understand exactly what the aura does.

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