Pink Aura Color Meaning

The pink aura signifies the most sympathetic of souls. If you notice a glimpse, the chances are the you have met someone who has managed the very difficult task of gaining a true balance between the spiritual and material worlds.

You would expect to see a pink flash in someone like a very highly motivated nurse who has dedicated many years of devoted service to her calling.

You could also expect that you may see the color in the aura of a nun. It is indictive of being able to offer unconditional love, expecting nothing in return.

Often in the very early stages of a love affair, when things are in the truest form "rosy" there can be flashes of pink through the aura.

It can be a very difficult color to be able to interpret but it can help to look at other colors that appear close to it.

It you find it close to the green aura layers then you can safely determine that you are seeing an extension of the healing element of the greens.

In the more outer layers, this is more likely to indicate a more mediumistic person, someone who is very adept at spiritual connections.

However if you find the pink in the very inner physical layers, close in to the body, then you may have interpretted the aura color incorrectly.

In the physical layers, you can determine that the pink is actually pale or washed out red which is more likely to say hormone imbalance or anaemia.

As with all of theaura color meanings, this is purely theory and very subjective. Remember that the interpretations can be as different in as many ways as there are people that it applies to.

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