Yellow Aura Interpretations

As with all aura color meanings a yellow aura can have many interpretations. Be aware that the color meaning can mean different things in different people and again have a different interpretation dependent on where in the aura it appears.

Yellow is the colour of Mercury and therefore communication.

Very intellectual people will have this aura color in abundance, and also people that communicate on all levels.

It is a very common aura color and it can be quite unusual to find an aura without it.

A bright yellow aura indicates good thought processes and a communicative, interested and optimistic outlook in life.

There is a sense that the person is at a very good place in their life at the moment. That they feel joy in their life, and that they have a lovely sense of freedom about it, that they have have choices, with no worry of being tied to a situation that does not suit them.

You could say content with their lot, I suppose.

But that is not to say that they are resting on their laurels.

It is the color of awakening, inspiration, intelligence and action.

A Yellow aura is an indication of real spark. Excitement about what's going to happen next. It's a wonderfully creative and expressive colour. I think that I would describe a person's outlook as effusive Problems occur when you begin to see muddy shades of yellow.

Turn all of these ideal on their head and you can see how the yellow aura can have bcome blocked.

Try to hear in your head how a salesman would sound if he were deperate to retain a sale and could feel it slipping away from him. Can you hear the shrillness that is starting to enter his voice?

Now translate that into a color. It's no longer a nice shiny yelllow but the aura color has now changed to a sharp lemon. This aura color can often be seen if someone feels they are losing control of a situation. They may have had a beautiful healthy yellow when they were in a powerful position in the negotiations but this slant shows them seeing it slip away from them.

The same would apply to all of the things that they perceive to go with it. Thyey may feel that they are losing respect or standing in the community for some reason, or indeed it need not of course be a business relationship. It could just as easily show you that they feel personal relationships that are important them are becoming more difficult or distant.

Again let's picture brilliant, promising college student studying for his finals. All semester he has been confident and assured and let's be honest giving it the big "I am". Now it's the run up to his finals and suddenly he finds that those facts just won't stick. He becomes frustrated, stress and starts to panic.

The lovely healthy sunflower yellow will turn to a murky brownish yellow, as he over analyses the data, and tries unsuccessfully to cram, struggling against the ticking clock.

You may also see, as the yellow aura loses some of its intensity and substance that the person has lost a little bit of the impetus and realism required to carry out their actions and in turn becomes an impractical dreamer.

If you sense that there is a large amount of very light or pale yellow in the aura:

To find gold indicates that the person maybe developing soul qualities or that they may be becoming psychic.

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