Aura Seeing And Its Applications

Aura seeing can be learnt on some level by everyone, I think. Self belief forms a very large part of leaning how to read auras. As soon as you start thinking that it is not possible, the whole thing shuts down.

Although some people are able to see auras with their naked eye, that is an unusual gift, that they have been born with. Aura seeing is as much a part of my sight as anything else. I grew up thinking that everyone could see the rainbows around their heads, it was only when I got to be about 13 that I realised that aura seeing was unusual.

Learning how to see auras is understanding how to use your intuition.

It is very easy to be able to get in touch with an aura. Simply ask someone to stand in front of you and then run your hands down the length of the body but holding them about 18 inches away from the person. You may get a feeling of sensation or tingling or it may be just a tiny change in pressure around the body. Before you do it, tell yourself that you can do it. Acceptance of these principles is half the battle towards coming intuitive.

You may also become aware of a black line running very close to the body all the way round. This is the electromagnetic field, which is a very acute barometer of health, if this break down there will be illness at that point.

You may never be able to see the colours of the aura. These are little steps you can take to bring it closer but do not despair if it does not happen. I know lots of professional clairvoyants who do not have this faculty, yet do their jobs competently.
Our entire upbringing and civilisation deplores the use of intuitive faculties - they are supposed to be the works of the devil or the person is mad. Anyone who has made the most cursory study of this phenomenon knows that this is patently not true. What we seem to have in our auras is a faculty which ancient man knew a great deal more about than we do. We have to discover this lost faculty.

We can find out many things from these studies, clairvoyance really being the least useful. The etheric body is a very useful barometer of the emotion and health - which as you browse this aromatherapy website you will come to understand are one and the same thing.

To be able to see colour with the eyes is very rare and will usually happen in a heightened sense of awareness. To see them clairvoyantly that is with the Third Eye is becoming much commoner. You can try to see them by running the fingers on the right hand (if you are right handed) through the aura of someone else; and you may begin to register colours in a way you can't explain. It may help to get the person to flush their aura before you try this.

Far more useful than the actually being able to to see tha aura is being able to discern if there is an aura patch or tear that may be leaking energy

Learn more about each color meaning and also how the etheric bodies interact with the chakras.

Understand the aura definition clearly.

Chakras - how they vitalise the aura or etheric bodies.

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