Damiana Essential Oil

damiana essential oil is a natural male aphrodisiac

Damiana essential oil is a lovely alternative to the usual herbal application of the plant which of course is not onlty a wonderful medicine in its own right but also a brilliant addition to blends to encourage the benefits of other natural male aphrodisiac oils such as Jasmine or sensuous female oils such as Rose essential oil.

Family: Turneraceae

Genus: Turnera

Species: diffusa, aphrodisiaca

Synonyms: Turnera microphylla

Common Names: Damiana, damiane, oreganillo
the bourrique, Mexican damiana, Mexican holly,
damiana de Guerrero

Parts Used: Aerial parts & leaves. Turnera diffusa, known as damiana, is a shrub native to southwestern Texas in the United States,Central America, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean. It belongs to the family Passifloraceae, so is closely related to the Passion Flower.

Family: Turneraceae (a small family closely related to Passifloraceae)

Deities: Oya, Oshun, Mary Magdalene, Hera, Hecate, Isis

Element: Air

Damiana is, I suppose,a relatively small shrub, which produces small, scented flowers. It flowers in early to late summer and then produces fruits which taste very similar to figs. The scent of the shrub is sometimes described as spice-like ir even a little like chamomile smells and that is due to the oil that exist within the plant.

Its main traditional use is as a tea, because of its lovely relaxing effects. Indeed there are many accounts from Spanish Missionaries of the native people of Central America and the Mexicans stirring sugar into damiana tea so that they could languish in the sensuous aphrodisiac properties. We now are lucky enough that oil producers have been able to create an essential oil from damiana that is extracted bysteam distillation.

Incredibly as more research has been done, we have found that damiana can actually increase the oxygen flow to the genital areas encouraging far more energy to flow to them.

Consequently, damiana essential oil is one of the foremost treatments that we have in the natural medicine cabinet for sexual stimulation for both men and women.

Impotence, frigidity, reduced libido all are helped by damiana. This burst of energy combined with the way that the damiana works on the emotions is said to even be able to help some women to be able to reach orgasm. It also raises testosterone in men so apart from impotence, it has also reported to be of help to premature ejaculation. Certainly the emotional effects connected with this would be helped and so in turn I think it would definitely make this my essential oil of choice for this condition.

Having said that, the studies that have been made into damiana, have been surprisingly few so, really most of the testimony for this plant comes from folklore. There has, however, been an exciting study t into the effectiveness of damina and how it combines with oestrogen and progestrogen receptors, the study found that some of the plant's compounds are very similar to those found in progesterone.

The trial tested more than 150 for their ability to bind with the receptors and Damiana was one of the highest progesterone-binding herbs tested. The reason that this is so exciting is because these receptors are an important part of the scientific progress in the fight against breast cancer.

It's a very rounded treatment though, as using the damiana essential oil really balances the emotions that are connected with both sexual and menstrual problems. It is relaxing but also very leveling and uplifting too. damiana essential oil, the perfect relaxing  bath. It is no coincidence that the Mayan Indians also burned it as an incence. One of the damiana benefits is the positive mind altering state that it creates.

The damiana essential oil brings about feeling of happiness, almost euphoric, which of course is very conducive to seduction.

More than that though, using the damiana essential oil rather than the heb itself, perhaps in the bath or in a massage oil means that you can have an ongoing treatment that continues to calm nervousness and lifts that kind of mild depression that can really exacerbate sexual difficulties.

The sacral area, of course, includes more than sexuality. That increase of energgy is superb for digestion. It re-enegises that the intenstines so it is a wonderfully gentle laxative, easing constipation and of course generally making these conditions more comfortable. A gental, very light clockwise massage with the damiana essential oil circling the belly button would really boost the flow round the intestines and gently encourage good digestion and waste.

I have read that damiana essential oil is indicated in several mood disorders, especially ones where there is a strong nervous element, namely:

Hypochondria, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Neurosis, Paranoia.

Contraindications of Using
Damiana Essential Oil and Herb

There are definite reasons to take care when using damiana essential oil. It would be tempting, considering the effects to want to use large amounts but side effects on the emotions can be at least unsettling bordering on disturbing. Mild halucinations can become as extreme as feeling manic can all be examples of effects from overuse.

Considering the side effects that the plant can cause, I would suggest that damiana essential oil should be avoided for anyone with any kind of disorder where they already feel a little out of contol, schizophrenia, bipolar or manic depression would all be contraindicated for damiana essential oil.

Another cause for caution is that damiana can cause hypoglycemia, as the hormone levels altering can cause the blood sugar to drop, consequently damiana is contraindicated for diabetics. However this stretches a little further - do not use damian for around 2 weeks before having a surgical procedure as the effects of blood sugar have to be kept level during surgery.

Do not use in pregnancy because of the way that it alters your hormones please don't take the risk of using damiana during pregnancy. There simply is no reason to risk miscarriage and this could definitely be a possibility.

Likewise, do not use if you are breast feeding, as there is a chemical consituent present that can pass on cyanide poisoning to your infant.

Anaemia is also contraindicated as research has shown that iron absorbtion can be affected.

Spiritual Uses Of Using
Damiana Essential Oil or Leaves.

Using damiana essential oil, or drinking the tea or smoking the leaves can all produces lucid dreaming when it is blended with passionflower either in the herb or oil form.

Besides increasing your general energy and wellbeing, damiana essential oil helps you channel your inner sex goddess. This plant also has a protective side so I would suggest that any sexual inhibition that is resultant from a past trauma would definitely see improvement from damiana essential oil. Again I would recommend a drop or two in the bath before, and a massage oil to be used during "the deed"!

According to some authors, if you sprinkle damiana leaves over a meal that you have made for the one that you love, it will intensify their desire for you.

Perhaps then consider a single drop of damiana essential oil in a glass of champagne?

Other texts suggest that if you use it in a herbal bath the damiana benefits magickally attract a new love to you.

Another tells that the spurned lover who carries a flannel bag stuffed with damiana can draw their errant lover back to them. Damiana is found as an ingredient in a traditional Mexican liqueur, which is sometimes people use instead of Triple Sec in margaritas. In Mexico this is claimed to be the original Margarita

The herb can be taken in the form of a tea. Some people even smoke it like tobacco. The herb will bring about a relaxed state of mind for the user. It is said to induce a subtle high if smoked.

Clinical Study Into Damiana As A Natural Male Aphrodisiac

natural male aphrodisiac - damiana essential oil

Amazingly there has been just one clinical study conducted to validate the traditional claims that damiana is a natural male aprodisiac and that it can alleviate sexual dysfunction and impotence. Carried out as long as 1999 in Italy, it amazes me that that no-one has pursued this further. Surely it would be interesting how the effects of damiana essential oil compare with the such like of viagra.

In the study, damiana was given to both sexually potent and sexually sluggish (or impotent) rats.

No effect was found at all on the rats that were showing normal activity, however the sluggish group were all found to be overall more sexually active and to have more effective ejaculation.

Then 3 years later in 2002 A U.S. patent was awarded to a product which was a combination of many herbs, but included Damiana, to "overcome natural inhibitors of human sexual response and allow for improved response and psychological effects."

Later a further U.S. patent was awarded for an herbal combination for females, the inventors made claimed that that damiana could ". . . relieve anxiety, depression, headaches during menstruation, and exhaustion. Damiana also helps to balance female hormone levels and control hot flashes."

Other Applications And Ways
To Enjoy All Of Those
Wonderful Damiana Benefits.

A traditional wellbeing remedy is 2-4 g of dried leaves infused in a cup of boiling water; Drink 2-3 cups daily.

And lastly a recipe that I shall be sneaking into my cricket teas next summer...let's see what an energy drink does!

So, you simply soak a mix of1oz Damiana Flowers & Tops, 2 tbsp of Saw Palmetto berries, 2 tbsp of Angelica root l/2 tbs vanilla pods 750 ml. of Vodka.

Then give a shake each day, then at the end of a week, strain the mixture through muslim bag or I suppose you could use a coffee filter. Then you take the remaining liquid and gently heat it through, (but you must take care not to boil it, or you will lose all the alcohol) and then stir in a cup of honey into the liquid when it has cooled a little, untill it has completely dissolved. Then bottle the mixture and leave it for a month to mature.

This is a fascinating source of how Damiana is used around the world and especially close to the rainforest where it is found naturally, so by the people to whom it is indiginous.

Chemical Constituents Of Damiana Essential Oil

Damiana essential oil's chemical composition is complex and its components have not been identified completely. The leaves contain up to 1% volatile oil that is comprised of at least 20 constituents (including 1,8-cineole, p-cymene, alpha- and beta-pinene, thymol, alpha-copaene, and calamene). Damiana leaves also contain tannins, flavonoids, beta-sitosterol, damianin (a brown, bitter substance), and the glycosides gonzalitosin, arbutin, and tetraphyllin B.

The main constituents of damiana essential oils include: Albuminoids, alpha-copaene, alpha-pinene, arbutin, barterin, beta-pinene, beta-sitosterol, calamenene, caoutchouc, chlorophyll, 1,8-cineole, cymene, cymol, damianin, essential oil, gamma-cadinene, gonzalitosin-i, hexacosanol-1, luteolin, quinovopyranosides, tannins, tetraphyllin b, thymol, triacontane, and trimethoxyflavones.

There are many more essential oils listed in the Oils Database

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