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Orange Blossom Prescriptive Moisturizer For Smokers Skins

This Orange Blossom prescriptive moisturizer is the one that you choose if you feel that the effects of cigarettes are taking their toll on your complexion.

I want to add here that you don't have to be a smoker to have this problem of course. My first job was in a Bookmakers when smoking was legal and my skin looked grimy every day.

I used to wipe down the walls each week with sugar soap to get rid of the nicotine staining and it never occured to me that my skin was collecting the same debris!

We first made the cleanser in this orange flower (also known as neroli) range, and I was appalled at what came off on the cotton wool..absolutely horrible, and that went on for weeks.

It's not just the dirty look to the skin that's the issue, though is it?

Orange flower is wonderful at softening the skin and rehydrates the skin so it looses some of that hard, excessive dry skin look that it gets.

In this range I would definitely recommend getting the cleanser in the Orange Flower smokers skin range too...you will be stunned (if not a little disgusted, I have to say)at how effective it is.

Read the notes on the smokers skin formula, for more information and feel free to add it into this range for extra strength!

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