Our Rose Cuticle Cream Made My Nails Stronger
and Healthier In Just One Month.

Rose Cuticle Cream

Imagine having healthy, strong nails that people compliment you on.

Using the Rose Cuticle Cream has done that for me even after years of suffering from soft brittle nails.

It's really remarkable.

cream, it soaks in quickly and efficiently, pouring all the goodness of the rose oil into the skin around the nail beds.

Stroking the essential oils into the nail beds by means of a cuticle massage cream means that you really improve the circulation and tissue tone around the nail.

As the blood flow becomes more efficient over time you will really see that your nails start to not only grow stronger but also pinker and more healthy looking.

There are many factors that contribute to nail health but a large factor can be a deficiency in Vitamin A which is vital if you want to alliviate soft, splitting and peeling nails. One of the reasons we chose to use Rose in our Cuticle Cream is that chemical constituents in rose oil actually encourage the body to make more vitamin A without causing side effects. It's an important feature that sets our Rose Cream apart from other creams to treat cuticles.

More important though is how it smoothes, softens and repairs the skin around the nail.

The main benefit of looking after your cuticles is in fact not cosmetic. Their purpose is to create a seal around the nail beds to ensure that no infection can get into the nail as it forms. Splits and tears in the cuticle allow infection to get through and cause all sorts of problems.

I love it.

Thursday evening is pamper night for me, I like to sit and watch completely unsuitable trashy chick programmes and give myself a facial and manicure.

It's not vital to your health but I think the value of "Me" time is totally under-rated.

I loke the fact that I can shake hands with people now, or demonstrate creams and not feel embarrassed that people are looking at my awful hands.

Most of all I love the fact that I am confident enough to wear flashy, sparkly rings to draw attention to my fingers now.

I feel groomed and I think that is really important not just in business but in life generally.

Order now whilst we have it on special offer for this month only.

You could do as I do and pair the Rose Cuticle Cream with our lovely English Rose Hand Cream or for gardeners and other people that put their hands through the mill our Hard Work Hand Cream.

£7.50 + £4P+P

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Limited Period only.

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