Cleopatra Dowsed Herself In
Rose Petal Oil
To Enhance Her Beauty.
How Can It Help You?

Can you imagine anything more gorgeous than rubbing rose petal oil into your face in a morning? Well for a good proportion of the population it’s just the perfect thing to do.

Extracted from the lush ripe petals, the rich rose oil is overflowing with over 300 different chemical constituents.

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Huge amounts of citronellol make it a luscious tonic, which pours rich ambrosial goodness into the skin. Remember too that unlike many skin care ingredients, because essential oils can absorb through the skin into the blood stream that the rose petal oil (or rose oil) actually permeates through the epidermis, floods the dermis with a deluge of goodness and then infuses the magic of the oil into the subcutaneous tissue.

The miraculous effects of the rose oil on the skin can also be attributed to the constituent citral, which helps the body the manufacture vitamin A. Ensuring that new healthy skin cells are manufactured in the vital epidermis means that the skin looks younger and fresher.

When you use a rose oil product on your skin you will experience its softening and soothing effects on the surface layer too. Its emollient qualities mean that it corrects dryness and immerses the skin in moisture.

More importantly the emollient properties of rose petal oil mean that it creates this wonderful layer of oil on the surface of the oil which creates a membrane to reduce water loss from the lower levels, and creates a gorgeous silky slip slide across the skin.

Farsenol has a tonic effect on the circulation and is wonderful for reducing the pressure in broken capillaries. It evens colour and creates that lovely English rose complexion, lovely even skin tone, well hydrated, smooth and clear.

I would choose my lovely bottle of rose petal oil if I were to treat someone who had very irritated skin on their face too, just because it is so good for calming and soothing it.

Perhaps Frankincense would make a better severe dry skin cream if it is for a more mature complexion but for normal, combination or if you have a younger complexion that requires you to make a strong blend for a severe dry skin cream, rose would always be my first choice.

I think that a large part of looking younger and healthier can simply come down to the stress in someone’s face too. Stroking on a beautiful cream into your skin can undoubtedly make you feel better about yourself but add the luxury and benefits of a few drops of the lush oil into your face means that the muscles relax, you start to submit to the emotional properties of rose petal oil

and your blood pressure lowers too.

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