Don't Let Menopause Dry Skin
Get The Better Of You.

Do you suffer from menopause dry skin blues? I think I will....and to be honest it terrifies me.

Without the support of oestrogen skin can really begin to look old and sad, don't you think?

But what can you do stop it? After all it is nature way isn't it?

Well the answer may well have been under our noses the whole time.

Of all the natural dry remedies that have been around for centuries I think the oldest must be frankincense. You will be familiar of course from stories at christmas, but did you know that is the main component of the Egyptians embalming fluid?

The fact that you can still see mummies 5 thousand years later tells me that it's pretty good. (I have to say the mummies don't look that radiant but we only really want to preserve our skins for 40 or 50 years from now don't we? Should be Ok I think!)

Joking apart frankincese's ability to rejuvenate the skin be restoring its elasticity is wonderful.

You will notice your skin becoming smoother and softer ever so quickly, I guarantee you will never want to use a different brand again.

It's marvellous.

Give menopause dry skin the boot....add your formulae here.
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