Simply After Shave
Or The Key To Long Lost
Knights Templar Treasure?
Who Can Tell?

Knights templar treasure and after shave.

What could they possibly have in common?

It seems that our particular new aftershave blend Montgreenan may have secrets buried deep within its fragrance.

After being left to develop for several years, we rediscovered the bottle quite by accident last month and decided to launch it commercially.

When mum told me to put it into the newsletter I started to research the area and began to unearth the most fascinating links and coincidences which makes me wonder what secret energies are about to be uncovered.

It seems that Montgreenan is about to have a very timely release for the air is Scotland is positively singing with tales of knights templar treasure at the moment, thanks to the release of an article by popular columnist A J Morton.

Montgreenan was inspired by the beautiful Mansion that now stands on the plot of ancient Montgreenan Castle,and lies not three miles from the enigmatic Kilwinning, site of the huge knights Templar dig which started this week.

A truly beautiful place, Montgreenan really captured mums and Michaels imagination when they visited Ayr show some years ago. The fragrance invokes spectacular images of the wild woodlands that surround the house; musky Amber and Sandalwood give it a deep full bodied warm fragrance. Its first top not of light fresh lemon balm makes way for a sensual burst of freshly cut wood. Its lovely light balsamic note really brings to life the rustling flurry of beaters raising pheasants from the lovely autumnal bracken.

It’s a lovely light, sexy forest blend perfectly suited to country gentlemen.

There is overwhelming evidence that puts the Knights of the templar in the Ayrshire village of Kilwinning in the 13th century. In fact testimony is so strong that archeological digs are about to begin below the beautiful ancient abbey to uncover the reputed tunnels that connect to the nearby Eglington Castle.

The Abbey is thought to have been built in or around 1170AD. Around the same time as another important building was to be built, now known as Mother Lodge, it is thought that the founder lodge of Freemasonry in Scotland is to be found in Kilwinning, sparking the current speculation of the connection between freemasonry in Scotland in the 12th century and the Knights templar history.

This theory is discussed in depth by author John Robinson in his book Born in Blood. he describes how the Knights Templar are thought to have taken refuge in Kilwinning Abbey with the town’s monks.

The Knights Templar history is believed to trace back to 1119, to the First Crusade. It is thought that the tunnels beneath the town, running from the Abbey to Eglington Castle may have been built as hiding places for the knights. Fascinatingly, many of the sites of several important places surrounding the nearby Benslie Woods are joined together to form in the shape of the Star of David. Scholars believe strongly that this may have been the site of a Knights Temple.

In the Star of David, we find not only Kilwilling and Eglington Castle but also our Montgreenan site too.

I have to offer my heartfelt thanks to templarmechanics for letting me show you the fascinating sacred geometry that connects the area. It’s important to note the use of the secret measurements that signify a chosen place. It seems that in many of their most prominent places, it was usual for measurements to be repeated over and over. In this case there is a repetition of 10000 megalithic yards or 5.15 miles. Click on the wonderful diagram to go to the Templarmechanics website and read more. It is truly fascinating stuff. (Click through to see the diagram much more clearly too.)

The press has gone mad with stories of the Abbey being likely to be the knights templar grail hiding place. It seems though that Morton never actually made such claims about the grail but the dig does indeed promise hope of finding some hint of knights templar treasure.

What makes the coincidence of the launch of this aftershave and the findings in the area so fascinating for me is this.

The wonderful lemon balm that sets the top note of the blend has some very special spiritual qualities.

Two in fact.

The first is that Lemon Balm which makes that gorgeous unusual top note to the fragrance is reputed to hold knights templar knowledge. Lemon Balm would certainly be the oil that you would choose if you wanted to tap into this arcane information, without this information could be classed as knights templar treasure, but what if it could lead you to something more solid?

But secondly, Lemon Balm used to bring something old out of something new. A very strange quality for an after shave that has sat and done nothing for over 5 years and then mum has suddenly decided that she wants to market it.

Imagine my surprise to find out all the exciting things that are happening in the area at the same time, all this talk of knights templar treasure. It certainly asks very tantalising questions and offers up interesting links.

Could we have found a very magical blend I wonder?

Who knows?What I can tell you though, is that the scent is pretty extraordinary.

A must for any country squire....especially one going on a dig I would think!

If you fancy taking a look at the Kilwinning dig, to see if you can unearth some of that elusive knights templar treasure, it runs from August 18th - September 18th 2010 on Wednesday to Sunday.

Perhaps you could stay at the lovely Montgreenan Mansion.

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