Mens Colognes Can Do Serious Things To A Woman!!

Well this woman any way!

Mens colognes send a really powerful message.

To me there is nothing more sexy than a man who smells sensational.

You know when a successful man walks in the room, you can smell it!

Finished impeccably they know how to cut a dash and a big part of that aura has got to be their choice of cologne.

Whether you can recognise the sartorial elegance of his Grieves and Hawkes suit, or the excellent craftmanship of his handstitched Lobb shoes, it makes no difference. His cologne subtly whispers his command and influence.

What will be unmistakable is his panache and undeniable influence.

There is something very commanding about handmade mens perfumes.

Each men's cologne is handcrafted from the finest essential oils, and since this is a newly launched completely exclusive.

Sandalwood Gentlemans Cologne

This gentlemans cologne, made from the heartwood of this mighty tree, is calming and cooling.


An unashamedly masculine fragrance with sharp citrus notes, mellowed by the enticing aromas of herbs and spices


Give this mysterious scent to the man you love. We are told this formula can confer power and magical knowledge to the


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