Is Your Migraine Your Fault?

Are you giving yourself a migraine by feeding it with foods that simply are not good for you?

I am not talking about laying off the cakes here or even making sure that you have your 5 a day.

I am talking about food triggers that are specific to your own condition that you eat without thinking about it.

Could You Be Innocently Feeding Your Own Migraine?

The allergies

connected with this painful condition are seemingly endless. The main one though would seem to be

Milk And Milk Products.

I always find it fascinating how often people already recognise that


as a food trigger but are shocked to realise that it is actually the milk that is their problem. I can never quite understand why they would find one acceptable and not the other...but there you have it!

Other nasty ones to watch for are

White flour

Citrus fruits



Food colourings and Additives, especially mono-sodium glutamate (most readily found as a food enhancer in chinese takeaways so beware!)

When you consider that chocolate is a combination of cocoa and milk it's not hard to see why it is such a troublesome food, really, is it?

A sort of Double Trouble I suppose.

Another aspect of food allergies, that I have always founsd quite interesting, is when they can sometimes also act almost like addictions. It can be that the food intolerance actually causes a craving and raises the allergy up. It's like the body encourages you to have the very thing that actually causes it harm.

It needs it.

Very strange phenomenon!

It sometimes can give you a clue to what your problem is though.

I always crave chocolate and without a doubt it is one of my migraine triggers. That with red wine!!

It seems to be a pretty cruel joke (and the very reason why God can't possibly be a woman) that the very things that I "need" to get me through my period are what cause my migraine.

Does it sound familiar to anyone?

Other protagonists apart from food triggers for you consider are

Air pollutants


Synthetic fibres.

Any one or even a combination of these could be what is causing your headache. Its worth looking at hat I have written about food triggers for eczema, as I go into little more detail there about food combining there.

Identifying what is your particular problem food can be extraordinarily difficult, so I would recommend to anyone to fill in a migraine food diary. When it is written down in black and white it is much easier to check back at other attacks and correlate what were the common foods.

Make sure you write everything down though...even that biscuit at coffee break because it could be even a small component that has set you off.

Be thorough and you should start to see results quite quickly.

A quicker and perhaps more fail safe method would be to consider allergy testing. It can be quite costly but weighed against the cost of your headache you may well consider it to be worthwhile. Brilliant resource of allergy free food suppliers

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