Rose and Violet.
A Truly Wonderful
Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

The moisturizer for sensitive skin could sell itself just on its fragrance. Everytime I smell it my mouth starts to water it s just sublime.

We use Rose oil as it hydrates dry skin so well but so tenderly and gently too, and we mix it with Violet oil.

This thick green oil is quite the most delicate of all our oils. It does give the cream just the slightest tinge of green, because it is so concentrated.

I have seen it do quite remarkable things to skin that is really red and skin sensitive to touch. Within days the soreness has subsided and is becoming paler and less angry looking.

Be aware again, that these are not fragrances they are pure essential oil. Even though many skins flare up terribly with synthetic fragrances, this delicate cream will only care for your skin more.

The oils are in an an incredibly light hydrogenating base that just soaks right into your skin so easily, you wouldn't believe.

It feeds your sensitive skin very fast so that the oils can start doing their work straight away.
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